Last night, we had the pleasure of partnering with Women In Film for an evening of cocktails and shopping, all for a good cause. Hostesses Greta Gerwig, Diane Kruger, UTA’s Rena Ronson, and Jill Soloway welcomed influential entertainment industry leaders to enjoy not only new arrivals, but also the airy balcony of Freds Beverly Hills, all while promoting gender equality. A portion of all sales from the evening went directly to WIF.

Founded in 1973, Women In Film is dedicated to promoting equal opportunities for women in the entertainment industry, encouraging creative projects by women, and expanding and enhancing portrayals of women in all forms of global media. These aims go for both what’s seen onscreen and what happens behind the scenes, and the group’s ultimate goal is to see an equitable 50/50 split in all aspects of the industry. To that end, WIF focuses on advocacy and education; provides scholarships, grants and film finishing funds; and works to preserve the legacies of all women working in the media community.

Scroll on for a look at the night’s festivities and their well-heeled attendees.


The evening’s hostesses: Diane Kruger, Greta Gerwig,  Rena Ronson of UTA, and Jill Soloway.

Pictured, left: Darren Boghosian, Nigel Meiojas, Stephanie Samson, Ryan Muckenthaler and Ty Flynn.

Pictured, right: Marissa Zimmer, Jeremy Zimmer and Barneys’ own Charlotte Blechman.

Pictured, left: Beau Dunn and Laura Dunn.

Pictured, right: Ashley Bernon and Skylar Bernon.

Pictured, left: NJ Goldston.

Pictured, right: Morgan Look and Vivian Teasdale.

Pictured, left: Selma Cisic and Dubravka Jusic.

Pictured, right: Kirsten Schaffer, Julian Jacobs, and Rene Jones.

Pictured, left: John McIlwee and Christina Steinberg.

Pictured, right: Helen Meyer and Sarah Michaelson.