While we strive to support the LBGTQ community all year round, the month of June is extra special. During this official month to celebrate Pride, New York City, along with the world, gathers for parties, events, and marches to commemorate and celebrate the diverse community and the freedom to live who you are. To capture the Pride spirit and its global movement, we tapped 13 LGBTQ personalities, allies, and activists to share what pride means to them. From honoring your identity to remembering those who came before us to fight for equality, these members of the community share their voices in our #WhatPrideMeansToMe campaign.

Watch the video featuring Phillip Picardi, Chief Content Office of Them and Teen Vogue; Barneys’ Creative Director, Matthew Mazzucca; Glennda Testone of NYC’s LGBT Community Center; Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski; Stacy Lentz, the co-owner of Stonewall Inn; musician Le1f; nightlife producer Ladyfag; model/actor Elliott Sailors; fashion stylist Mel Ottenberg; Chromat founder Becca McCharen-Tran; musician/model Laith Ashley; trans-genre artist Mx Justin Vivian Bond; and model and LGBTQ ally Precious Lee.

Here’s how you can join in, too:
With every Instagram post sharing the hashtag #WhatPrideMeansToMe this June, the Barneys New York Foundation pledges to donate $5 to The LGBT Community Center.
All you have to do is post a photo to your Instagram, share what pride means to you, and add the hashtag #WhatPrideMeansToMe so we can count you in!



Antoni Porowski
Queer Eye‘s Food and Wine Expert
“Pride is about being able to be the truest version of myself without having the fear of being judged.”


Laith Ashley
Musician, Actor, Model, Dancer, and Advocate
“Love yourself first, and everything else will follow.”


Glennda Testone
Executive Director of NYC’s LGBT Community Center
“There are places you can find in this world where people will celebrate you and love you for who you are, and they’ll even clap for you when you walk down the street just because you’re being you.”


Phillip Picardi
Chief Content Officer, Teen Vogue and THEM
“New York City is the place where kids go if they want to feel accepted and if they want a chance at survival and success.”

“Sunshine, good times, legs out—all that.”


Elliott Sailors
Model, Actor, and Activist
“Pride is really honoring those who came before me and being grateful for those who created a safe space that I get to live in now.”




Nightlife Producer and Promoter
“Pride to me means freedom and love—and the freedom to love.”


Precious Lee
Model, Activist, and Ally of the LGBTQ Community
“Pride means living out loud.”


Mel Ottenberg
Fashion Stylist
“It’s one of the best things you can do in New York all year.”


Mx Justin Vivian Bond
Trans-Genre Artist
“For the queer community, Pride is important to us because we get to see how diverse we really are.”


Stacy Lentz
CEO Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative, Co-owner Stonewall Inn
“Pride reminds me of the resistance and how the struggle is not over. We need to keep fighting until everyone in the LGBTQ community is equal.”


Becca McCharen-Tran
Founder of CHROMAT
“When I hear the word Pride I think party, celebration, being with all of my queer buds, and just being happy together.”



Matthew Mazzucca
Creative Director, Barneys New York
“The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Pride is celebrating identity, individuality, reflecting on yourself, and seeing how you relate to other people.”



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