For actor Tyler Hoechlin, it’s easy to look super on camera. Starring as Clark Kent on the CW’s hit show Supergirl, Hoechlin effortlessly embodies the all-American good looks and easy charm that the role has become known for. When it comes to his personal style off-camera, though, he’s the first to admit that he’s only beginning to carve his path in the world of fashion.

“When I started Teen Wolf a few years ago, my personal style was very much basketball shorts, tennis shoes or maybe sandals, T-shirts, and a baseball hat,” Hoechlin tells The Window. “It’s evolved and grown, and I’m learning to appreciate the artistry of fashion. I’m trying to look a little more ‘adult’ at times.”

There are few items in a man’s closet that project that sense of ‘adult’ style more confidently than a suit, all the more so when it’s a custom, made-to-measure suit from the renowned craftsmen at Cifonelli. Barneys was thrilled to have the opportunity to pair Hoechlin with the brand’s creative director, John Vizzone, to take him through the process of creating his first bespoke piece.

“For an athletic guy like Tyler, guys who tend to have a very full chest or strong shoulders with a narrow waist, but who still want to look perfect, that’s the ideal client for made-to-measure,” Vizzone says.

Beyond his build, Hoechlin is also the perfect made-to-measure client thanks to his increasingly discerning tastes. “We’re catering to the man today who’s a little more sophisticated, with more of a fashion eye—‘fashion’ as far as being more educated in terms of what he wants to look like,” Vizzone tells us. “Maybe he likes jackets a little shorter or pants a little more narrow, and he’s able to interpret that through made-to-measure.”

Scroll on for an inside look as Vizzone works with Hoechlin and one of Barneys’ tailoring experts to go through the process of creating a custom suit. Feeling inspired to put your own spin on one of Cifonelli’s classic pieces? Simply contact one of our Flagship locations to make an appointment with a tailor today. And in the meantime, head to Barneys to check out Cifonelli’s distinctive ready-to-wear offerings.


Tyler Hoechlin and Cifonelli creative director John Vizzone talk about the type of suit and fit the actor is looking to create.

With fabric offerings including cashmere and different weights of wool, the Cifonelli bespoke experience can be truly tailored to each client.

“I feel the same way about fashion that I feel about architecture or interior design: you’re putting pieces together, whether it’s pieces of clothing or design elements, to creating a look and a feeling,” Hoechlin says of his burgeoning love for fashion. “With a custom suit, you can feel the amount of time and the attention to detail that go into it, and it’s the same as looking at an incredible piece of architecture where you can see the heart and soul of the designer. I appreciate both on the same level.”

Barneys’ expert tailors work with clients daily to ensure that every element of the process goes smoothly and that the final suit meets their exact specifications.

“Cifonelli is a brand that drips European elegance, but with a pure American sexiness,” Vizzone says. “What separates us from other brands on the market is our cigarette shoulder. Our silhouette, especially for the luxury market, gives a much more elongated and trimmer look than any of our competition. We stand out just in the expression of who we are.”

Cifonelli’s distinctive “cigarette shoulder,” constructed with a minimum of material, allows for ease of motion and the ultimate in comfort.

Tyler’s trousers are chalked to indicate the narrower fit he was looking to create.

“I’ve never had a custom-made suit before, so it’s been an incredible new experience—it’s nice to be in such good hands!” Hoechlin says. “John makes you feel like he knows what he’s doing, because he clearly does.”

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