According to beauty guru Troy Surratt, “Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but makeup is often a pretty close second.” We think Surratt, reknowned for his transformative cosmetics line, should give himself a bit more credit. Yes, sentimental stunners are indeed the timeless accents that top off every ensemble, but a well-practiced beauty routine is the foundation that allows the rest of the package—baubles included—to sparkle.

Therefore, we couldn’t have been more thrilled when Surratt teamed up with jewelry designer Eva Fehren, whose thoughtful geometry—‘X’ ring marks the spot— has inspired a cult following. The duo conceptualized a thoroughly modern makeup look for Fehren’s spring presentation. Inspired by none other than chiseled diamonds, Surratt selected key brushes and products to create a look as clean and edgy as Fehren’s collection. The Window took advantage of the teachable moment to glean some beauty tricks and tips—including advice on two of the most daunting beauty techniques: contouring and highlighting. When it comes to the striking images that came out of the collaboration, we deem the tools (supple brushes, the perfect palette) equally as important as the jewels.

Photographed By Lauren Perlstein.

“This look was about emphasizing the facets of the face like a cut jewel, using contouring and highlighting,” says Surratt.

“The presentation itself was a bit surreal, so I wanted to create an ‘extra celestial’ look that was futuristic but still ethereal and beautiful. The highlighter I used, Auréole, is a very well-balanced highlighter with warm (gold) and cool (silver) pigments. It gives the skin a gleaming, lustrous glow.”

“For highlighting, I used Auréole on the apples and high points of the cheeks. To chisel a cheekbone, start at the mid point of the ear, and then softly blend down toward the corner of the lips. Making a fishy face helps with this—suck in the hollows of your cheeks and purse your lips.”

“I brushed Ombré eyeshadow all over the eyelid up to the brow to create the illusion of deeper-set eyes. I started at the base of the lash line and then dusted the shadow all the way up to the brow. Then, I contoured with Grisaille from the brow up into the hairline.”

“I swept Doré Rose across the lower half of the lids for added light reflection and finished the look by creating a twinkly starry-eyed effect by adding Scintillante around the tear ducts.”

“The absolute beauty must-have for achieving this look is a customized Surratt palette containing Grisaille as the contour color and Auréole as the highlighter.”

“For highlighter, avoid the forehead because it can look too reflective and shiny. Instead, focus on the high points of the cheeks and dust a little down the bridge of the nose and Cupid’s bow of the lips to create the illusion of more pronounced, pouty upper lip.”

“This nude, tonal look is a reaction to the false eyelashes, overly perfect brows, and bold lips that we’ve seen on the red carpet for the last few seasons. This trend is fashion’s way of pushing things in a new direction and differentiating itself from the more classic beauty looks of Hollywood.”

“It was sort of a surreal beauty look. The models were literally living mannequins showcasing Eva’s jewelry designs. We had decided early on that the beauty look should not be too strong. Eva and the diamonds were the twinkling stars of the evening.”

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