Whether you’re escaping to a seaside retreat or venturing off to another city, traveling in style requires more than a stellar wardrobe. Packing a well-curated selection of beauty essentials is key to looking and feeling fresh. Below, our beauty experts share their must-haves for every stop along your itinerary, from the plane and the hotel to your final destination.

For the Plane

Flying has its downsides, including a moisture-free cabin that can wreak havoc on your skin. The best way to enhance your in-flight experience—and your complexion!—is a relaxing and hydrating skincare routine that fits in your carry-on, plus one makeup item to ensure you’re fresh-faced when you land.

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PEACH & LILY Eco Your Skin – Face Blanket Mask / ZELENS Lip Treatment Oil / LILAH B. Aglow Face Mist / CLE DE PEAU Radiant Stick Foundation / TAMAHADA Handcream
  1. Lilah B Aglow Facial MistTatcha Dewy Skin Mist: “These are perfect to awaken dehydrated skin without having to slather on creams or compromise makeup,” Jason Ascher, our Madison Avenue resident makeup artist, says. “In fact, the mists actually set makeup and impart a luminous finish.”
  2. Eco Your Skin Face Blanket Mask: “It’s an overnight blanket mask for the plane,” explains Stephanie Nitschke, Senior Buyer. “You’ll wake up looking refreshed and glowing by the time of your arrival.”
  3. Tamahada Hand Cream: “When I travel, I am very germ-conscious and am constantly washing my hands, so I always carry a hand cream with me,” says Jennifer Miles, VP DMM Cosmetics. “The Tamahada hand cream is not greasy or sticky and has the most beautiful, light cherry blossom scent. The packaging is also so beautiful and small enough to carry in my handbag.”
  4. Zelens Lip Treatment Oil: “Lips need to stay hydrated too!” exclaims Stephanie Pabon, Cosmetics Buyer. “This is one of my favorite lip oils.”
  5. Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Stick Foundation: Resident makeup artist at Beverly Hills, Patrick Foley, loves this Radiant Stick foundation for “a perfect touch of makeup that’s easy to use and doesn’t interfere with any foundation you have on. The stick is lightweight and fits into any bag.”


For the Hotel

While there are plenty of chic toiletries to enjoy at your hotel, there are just some things we always like to travel with that help us make the most of any length stay.

travel beauty
KOH GEN DO Cleansing Spa Water Cloths / DIPTYQUE Figuier Scented Oval / MALIN+GOETZ 1oz Essential Kit / BY TERRY Dual Exfoliating Scrub / 3LAB M Eye Lift Cream
  1. Malin + Goetz Essential Kit: “Whenever I stay in a hotel, I grab the Malin+Goetz Essential Kit that comes pre-packaged in a clear zip-top case with a cleanser, facial and body moisturizers, shampoo, and conditioner,” Ascher explains. “I just refill the 1 oz. bottles from the full-sized products I have at home.”
  2. By Terry Dual Exfoliation Scrub: “This is an amazing 2-in-1 product,” Pabon says. “It removes makeup and all impurities, but also gently exfoliates!”
  3. 3Lab “M” Eye Lift: “When on vacation and in a different environment, even with a good night’s sleep, you will find that you are more puffy around the eyes,” Foley explains. “This 3Lab “M” Eye Lift cream will take care of the job.”
  4. Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water Cloths: “I always have a packet handy to quickly remove extra makeup,” Nitschke says.
  5. Diptyque Figuer Scented Oval: “I love throwing this in my luggage,” Pabon exclaims. “You can add it to the hotel closet for a little extra homey feel.”


For the Beach

When headed for surf and sand, sun protection is always a must. Here are some of our favorite picks for any bathing beauty.

travel beauty
TATCHA Pore Perfecting Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35 / LA MER The After Sun Enhancer / OUAI Haircare Treatment Masque / SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist / SHISEIDO Urban Environment UV Protection Cream SPF 40
  1. Tatcha Pore Perfecting Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35: “I love this SPF—it’s super light and non-greasy,” Pabon says. “My skin tends to break out, so picking a face SPF is hard, but this one makes your skin feel super soft and smells amazing!”
  2. Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream SPF 40: “For body, I always have Shiseido Urban Environment SPF because it’s oil-free and non-sticky,” Ascher says. “Plus, it comes in airline-approved sizes.”
  3. La Mer The After Sun Enhancer: “This after-sun enhancer works so well,” Pabon says. “I used it on my vacation in Bali this past Thanksgiving, and my tan lasted so much longer into winter.”
  4. Ouai Treatment Masque: “Keep your hair hydrated while sitting at the beach,” Nitschke recommends. One box comes with eight individually packaged treatments, making it perfect for travel.
  5. Sachajuan Ocean Mist: Nitschke also loves this spritz to master perfect beach waves.


For the City


Traveling from one city to another requires beauty saviors that deliver instant results. Here are some of our top picks for getting gorgeous in a flash, no matter the time zone.

travel beauty
TATCHA Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers / BY TERRY Terrybly Densiliss Sun Glow / SISLEY-PARIS Phyto-Lip Twist / CLAUDIO RIAZ Refillable Make UP Palette / FRESH Sugar Sport Treatment Sunscreen SPF 30
  1. Claudio Riaz Refillable Make Up Palette: “Claudio Riaz carries a refillable palette that can be custom-filled with cheek shades, eyeshadow, cake-liners, and even lip color and concealer,” Ascher explains. “Everything you need for a look on-the-go can be culled down to one or two small compacts and refilled or swapped out as season or occasion dictates.”
  2. By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Sun Glow: “This is an amazing product for your less-than-tan days,” Pabon says. “It’s subtle but gives a beautiful and natural glow. I mix it with my foundation when I feel like I need a little extra color.”
  3. Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment Sunscreen SPF 30: Even though you’re not at the beach, your skin still needs sun protection in urban environments. Nitschke loves this “handy SPF stick to throw in your bag for quick application.”
  4. Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist: These come in a range of stunning shades, plus the “fun print is easy to find in your makeup bag,” Nitschke says.
  5. Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers: Being on-the-go requires an easy way to keep your complexion fresh! Nitschke recommends these for quick touch-ups.


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