While Tomorrowland may be excitingly new to us here at Barneys and to U.S. customers in general, the Japanese brand was actually founded 37 years ago. Over nearly four decades, founder Hiroyuki Sasaki has built the brand around a casual elegance that embraces his own free spirit and humor. “The choice to do fashion was just by chance—it could have just as easily been a whiskey company!” Sasaki tells us—his infectious smile growing. “I didn’t have a mission at the start! I just started it because I wanted to do something on my own and be the boss.”

Hiroyuki Sasaki in New York photographed by Keith Morrison

Earlier this month we caught up with the boss himself in Tomorrowland’s New York showroom, where the smile never left his face. Instead of fading with time, Sasaki’s enthusiasm has only intensified as the brand expands. “We do everything ourselves—conceive, create, develop, and produce,” he explains. “Being hands-on from the start means we’ve developed character and spirit as a company, and that’s reflected in our product.”

Barneys now carries both the men‘s and women’s collections, which share an understated elegance and emphasis on premium fabrication. “As a designer, I want to translate the idea of simple beauty. Our fashion is casual and elegant, and always a bit unisex,” says Sasaki, who is such a fan of tomboy style that it took years for him to include skirts and dresses in his collections.

Below we share highlights from women’s Pre-Fall collection (skirts included), as captured by Beyond the Mag with backdrops by Mansi Shahplus a few insightful takeaways from the man at the helm.

Tomorrowland Look 1
TOMORROWLAND Lambskin Suede Draped Coat / MAIYET Wooden Wedge-Heel Sandals / TOMORROWLAND shirt and pants available in store, call 212.826.8900

“Tomorrowland is based on classic elements, but more relaxed. And we aren’t as regimented either. When I started out, all the men and women’s fashion were only dark colors, so I chose to do white, navy, and red—only three colors! I’ve always liked to go against the market.”

Tomorrowland Look 5
TOMORROWLAND Plaid Brushed Jacket / TOMORROWLAND Jacquard Cropped Trousers / LOREN STEWART Gold Long Rod Earrings

“I chose the name Tomorrowland because I liked the idea of the word ‘land.’ I love England, Scotland, and Ireland. I love the traditional motifs that these places suggest, like, stripes, checks, and sweaters. I really love preppy style, especially in the city.”

Tomorrowland Look 6
TOMORROWLAND Fringe-Trimmed Tweed Blazer / TOMORROWLAND Fringe-Trimmed Tweed Skirt / TOMORROWLAND Fringe-Trimmed Tweed Blazer / TOMORROWLAND Fringe-Trimmed Tweed Skirt

“I believe in ageless style. Our customer already spans three generations, from over 60 or 70 years old like myself, to my kids who were early clients, to my grandkids.”

Tomorrowland Look 4
TOMORROWLAND sweater and skirt available in store, call 212.826.8900

“We are always in search of a balance between modern simplicity and traditional elegance. Our Pre-Fall women’s collection contrasts loose and free-flowing silhouettes with belted waists and detailed tailoring, resulting in a collection that feels both sophisticated and contemporary.

Tomorrowland Look 2
TOMORROWLAND Melton Coat / TOMORROWLAND Gingham Woven Blouse / TOMORROWLAND Jacquard Cropped Trousers / LOREN STEWART Pearl & Gold Wire Choker / LOREN STEWART Gold Long Rod Earrings / TOMORROWLAND Shaggy Double-Breasted Coat

“Our men and women’s lines use many of the same materials, and they complement each other nicely. A lot of couples like to wear the brand together!”

Tomorrowland Look 3
TOMORROWLAND Shaggy Double-Breasted Coat / JENNIFER FISHER Jennifer Fisher x Stop It Right Now Choker

“Coming to New York now, I am able to rediscover myself, the company, and the city. I really love this city—the people, the energy, everything.”


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