It’s no surprise that here at Barneys, we’re big fans of MALIN+GOETZ. Launched in 2004 by founders and partners Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz, the family-owned modern apothecary inspires feverish devotion with its cult-status hair, body, and skincare products. So, when we heard they were launching Advanced Renewal Cream, their most luxurious face cream yet, we were obviously dying to try it.

Right out of the chic cobalt blue glass jar, this stuff does not disappoint. With its incredible super-light texture and fresh botanical scent, it feels wonderful on your skin. And thanks to a cocktail of plant-derived ingredients, including brightening evodia fruit and firmness-enhancing acmella flower extracts, it packs a nourishing, seriously anti-aging punch.

Our interest sufficiently piqued, we stopped by the company’s Manhattan headquarters to get the details on how this powerhouse of a product came to be.

The Window: You guys keep a famously tight edit on your product assortment. What inspired you to create an anti-aging cream?

From left: Andrew Goetz, Mr. Greenberg, and Matthew Malin.

Matthew Malin: Many of our customers have grown up with us, and obviously, we’re getting older too! We really feel we’ve hit the mark with this particular product—it truly performs and delivers, on every single level.

Andrew Goetz: There’s a famous French quote that translates to, “Too much choice is no choice.” We always joke that we want to sell you less products. But the thing is, once people trust that you aren’t just trying to load up their basket, they are customers for life—and they grow and evolve, along with the brand. Now that they’re having a new issue, we needed to find a solution for it.

MM: Our anti-aging range includes an antioxidant-rich face oil, an eye cream with marine algae, which helps with puffiness and dark circles, and now the new Advanced Renewal cream. It’s a special, elevated extension for us, but still very much within our realm and our DNA.

Can you tell us a little bit about how it works?
MM: For age concerns, hydration is critical. You need to lock moisture into your skin, because that’s going to help with elasticity. What’s beautiful about this cream is the lipid complex delivery system allows fats to absorb really fast, so they leave no residue. That means there’s nothing sitting topically on the surface of your skin, attracting dirt and clogging pores. So there’s a real benefit to almost anyone who encounters this product.

AG: When you look at a baby right out of the womb, they’re so puffed up with collagen they’re like a balloon. There’s not one wrinkle on them, it’s incredible. And as you get older, you start producing less collagen. What age concern products do is help reinvigorate the collagen-producing process, making you look younger and healthier.

The cream is chock-full of moisture-boosting ingredients including watermelon rind, apple extract, olive oil, and lentil fruit.

MM: The cream includes peptides and polypeptides, and those things are going to help with cellular renewal and collagen production, making your face look fuller, not as droopy. They work. And over time, you really will see a difference.

The smell is seriously gorgeous. What is it?
MM: The beautiful scent is a combination of different herbal extracts. Some of the things you smell instantly—rose, geranium, chamomile, lavender—are also calming, soothing, moisturizing and nourishing.

AG: We don’t put things in there just for the sake of it; our olfactory experiences are backed up by the ingredients’ benefits.

MM: We take the best of Mother Nature and combine it with the best scientific technology, in the gentlest possible way. We’re very transparent about our products, and that comes back to our packaging; every single ingredient is listed right on the front. We’re very proud of everything that we do.


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