The Row takes its name from the London street known for men’s tailoring, Savile Row, and from its inception the understated label has prided itself on its superior fabrics and exceptional craftsmanship. It’s only fitting that the brand would officially expand into menswear, as it has for Fall ’18.

The launch collection showcases The Row’s signature ability to take classic styles and transform them into modern masterpieces via design nuances that make the brand so special. This season, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen were inspired by men’s minimalist styles of the ‘80s and ‘90s in New York, elevated through traditional European hand-stitching techniques and Japanese construction. Below, the sisters tell us more about the collection.

THE ROW Keith Silk Boxy Shirt / Mickey Wool Melton Double-Breasted Overcoat / CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Dandelion Suede Venetian Loafers

The Window: Congrats on launching menswear! How did you approach this collection? What surprised you about the process?
Mary-Kate Olsen: We approached this collection very thoughtfully. We spent two years developing the final product, but the idea of launching menswear was something we knew we wanted to do when we started The Row.

Ashley Olsen: We launched the retail capsule in 2016. We took our time researching where to produce in order to achieve the best quality.

THE ROW Jackson Rib-Knit Cashmere Sweater / David Wool-Mohair Two-Button Suit / ADIDAS BNY Sole Series: Men’s Stan Smith Suede Sneakers
THE ROW Jackson Rib-Knit Cashmere Sweater / Lucien Wool-Cotton Coat

The suiting was made in Japan—what is the significance of this?
MKO: We decided to produce the suits in Japan to achieve a truly modern aesthetic. We found that, for us, the best partners to create our suit design were in Japan based on our construction and fabric choices.

AO: The single-breasted suit defines an important part of the collection. It is cut without back vents, allowing it to be worn relaxed, and the trousers have a long rise and straight leg. We wanted to create a suit that was classic but modern.

THE ROW Keith Silk-Cotton Boxy Shirt / Mark Wool Double-Breasted Tuxedo / CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Dandelion Suede Venetian Loafers
THE ROW Keith Silk-Cotton Boxy Shirt

Did shifting gears to focus on menswear influence your womenswear designs this season?
AO: I don’t think so because the development of menswear had always been part of the plan. We spent a lot of time developing the menswear collection and wanted to launch when we felt it was right.

MKO: In the past, we created womenswear pieces in menswear factories. We have also used traditional menswear fabrics for women’s garments. The cross-pollination has been a part of The Row since the beginning.


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