Photographed by Lauren Perlstein.

When The Window heard that Danielle and Laura Kosann, co-founders of one of our favorite online destinations, foodie and fashion website The New Potato, had a mutual love for all things Barneys and Freds, we had to make a day of it. With the holiday season officially here (along with our killer sale), we figured now’s the time to tap into the inspirational sisters for a full-on, heels-off, no-holds-barred shopathon complete with a celebratory meal to survey the bounty.

They shopped, they snacked, they conquered—in the way that any pair of fashionable best friends would—and we tagged along to capture the action. But lest us not have all the fun this holiday weekend, there’s something in it for you too. You can enter for a chance to win a $1000 Barneys New York gift card in the easiest way—just follow @fredsatbarneys and @thenewpotato on Instagram, snap a photo showcasing how you combine fashion and food, and use the hashtag #fashioninfreds so we can check it out and enter you to win.

Full sweepstake details found here and more about The New Potato ladies’ day of shopping, bonding, holiday traditions, and indulging in those glorious Freds fries, below.



The Window: Tell us about this Barneys-themed holiday tradition.
The New Potato:
The Barneys shoe sale is the first thing we hit! That is definitely a tradition for us. Freds has been a longtime tradition, holiday or not. Whenever we’re shopping uptown, want a celebratory lunch, or if one of us is having a bad day and needs a pick me up, we have a sisters lunch at Freds—without fail. It’s a year round tradition that only gets better during the holidays, when things are really festive.

Holiday shopping in three words is…
Danielle: Overspending, crazy, fun.

How much shopping could you do before getting hangry, do you ever break for snacks?
Laura: We can definitely do quite a bit (once we’re in the zone, there is no stopping us) but we always break for an afternoon coffee and something sweet.

What do you love most about dining at Freds?
Danielle: Freds is, hands down, one of our favorite restaurants. The food is amazing (best french fries in New York) but it’s something about the atmosphere and buzz that really makes it special. We always leave feeling happy. It’s is also really nostalgic for us. We used to eat there with our grandmother growing up; it was her absolute favorite restaurant. She is the chicest woman of all time, so we would always get really excited, dress up, and make a day of it.

Laura: [Growing up] after lunch with our grandmother, we’d always shop. We would methodically walk through every floor of Barneys looking at absolutely everything. We both love fashion and are pretty sure that those shopping days with our Grandma were a huge influence on that.

Do you have a certain plan of attack when shopping during the holidays?
: I’m a big list maker. I always make lists of what I want to buy for family and friends and keep my eye out for those items during December.

Your perfect meal at Freds together is… 
Laura: Easy. Split the Madison Avenue Salad, the lobster salad, and an order of french fries. And of course, a glass of red wine.

What is your favorite item you recently picked up?
Danielle: The Comme des Garçons pouches—they make great gifts. I consistently buy them every year for people, and I love the colors of the ones we picked up this year.

Any fun upcoming holiday plans you’re shopping for right now?
: We’re going skiing in Deer Valley, so we’ll both be very into big cozy knits, plaid shirts, shearling coats and boots, and soft beanies.

Tell us about one New Potato project you’re especially excited about.
Danielle: We just relaunched our Shop section to feel more like a shop in shop, so it has it’s own gift tab for the holiday season! You can scroll through endless gift options from clothing and accessories to kitchenware and food, and then just click out to buy it!



See all of Danielle and Laura’s favorite things over at The New Potato or start shopping a selection of their picks right now!