Every once in a while a piece of jewelry comes along that is so striking and exceptional it becomes immediately iconic. Here, we bring you nine such pieces and present the creative forces behind each of them, from family jewelers Sidney Garber and Repossi to new-wave designers Pamela Love and Jennifer Meyer.

1. HOORSENBUHS Dame Phantom Ring

HOORSENBUHS Dame Phantom Ring

Who: Santa Monica-based fine jeweler Robert Keith of Hoorsenbuhs brings impeccable craftsmanship to modern designs and often partners with luxury labels, such as Balenciaga and Balmain.

Why: “The Phantom was the first inspiration designed after the original classic link rings were made. This iconic ring takes its form by isolating one single link. The discipline of fashioning our collections with elements of the ‘maker’s mark tri-link’ motif provides endless inspiration and allows us to keep a consistent aesthetic and recognizable feel to our brand.” – Robert Keith

Loyalist: Charlize Theron

2. SIDNEY GARBER Three-Band Rolling Bracelet

SIDNEY GARBER Gold Three-Band Rolling Bracelet

Who: At the helm of Sidney Garber, Brooke Neidich focuses on both new designs and revitalized classics while continuing to honor her father Sidney’s appreciation for craft, detail, and execution.

Why: “We first created the rolling bracelets in 1985, and they became my signature immediately. If I ever leave the house without them, I have to go back or I don’t feel dressed! I have worn them on safari in Kenya, to couture in Paris, to preschool pick-up, and to the college graduation of those same preschoolers! I love that younger women love them. Affirmation from a younger generation is key to our DNA! I think of the rolling bracelet as the perfect black leather jacket or white shirt: iconic, ageless, and classic.” – Brooke Neidich

Loyalists: Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen



Who: Eva Zuckerman launched Eva Fehren in 2011 and handcrafts each piece in New York City, finding inspiration in the city’s architecture and geometric features.

Why: “The X ring was the first piece in my collection. It was important to me to create a piece that felt truly unique, like nothing I had ever seen before. I wanted to design a piece that was graphic, strong, delicate, and totally symmetrical. It was with this challenge in mind that I created the X ring. It has become the cornerstone of my brand.” – Eva Zuckerman

Loyalist: Gwyneth Paltrow

4. RENEE LEWIS Shake Pendant

RENEE LEWIS “Shake” Pendant Necklace

Who: Renee Lewis started her namesake line in the 1980s with the mission to create fine jewelry that could be worn with jeans and T-shirts.

Why: “I invented the Shakes as a way to utilize the small stones from the antique jewelry that I disassembled, but also as a way to illuminate a woman’s body in a very sexy and powerful way. Many women like to collect them in different jewels: white diamonds, black diamonds, colored diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. When the sun hits the Shake on the body, you can feel the power of the sun going through the jewels and imbuing the flesh with the energy of the stones.” – Renee Lewis

Loyalist: Nicole Kidman



Who: L.A.-based Spinelli Kilcollin, founded by Yves Spinelli, combines minimalism with luxury and innovation, creating timeless pieces that are meant to be worn every day.

Why: “The Vega SG is one of our most inspired rings and one of my favorites. It’s also the ring that caught the attention of Barneys! We had custom-designed the ring for a dear friend who wanted something using grey diamonds. I loved the cloudiness and imperfections in the stones and thought that it would be an interesting contrast to mix in brilliant white diamonds. I wanted the ring to have a mix of high polished and blackened silver and decided to add 18k yellow gold links as a color accent. The finished ring caught Daniella Vitale’s eye at a party in Paris. We launched at Barneys the next season, and the Vega SG continues to be our best-selling piece.” – Yves Spinelli

Loyalist: Jennifer Aniston

6. JENNIFER MEYER Initial Pendant

JENNIFER MEYER Initial Pendant Necklace

Who: Jennifer Meyer who is based in L.A., founded her namesake line on the philosophy that jewelry could be more than an accessory. Her understated, elegant fine jewelry effortlessly becomes an extension of its wearer.

Why: “I love the way every piece of a person’s jewelry has a story behind it or marks a monumental moment in their life. Each initial that someone chooses has a special meaning, which I love. When I see women out and about wearing this necklace it truly warms my heart. I usually can’t help but run up and hug them!” – Jennifer Meyer

Loyalist: Blake Lively


ROBERTO MARRONI Diamond Triple Ring

Who: Italian jewelry designer Roberto Marroni is known for his pared-down, clean-lined aesthetic and preference for rounded jewels and delicate diamonds.

Why: “My grandmother wore multiple bracelets, and she put them on and took them off with frenzy during the most stressful moments of her day. She always said they were her talisman, and in those bracelets you could see the bond with her family, husband, and children. Starting from the image of this memory, I created this ring to represent the idea of a strong bond with both ourselves and others.” – Roberto Marroni

8. PAMELA LOVE FINE Five Spike Earrings


Who: Pamela Love started designing from her Brooklyn apartment in 2007 and has since launched a line of fine jewelry that captures her celestial, symbolic approach.

Why: “We have been creating our Five Spike earrings in sterling silver since almost the beginning. The launch of our fine collection gave us the opportunity to reimagine these signature earrings in 18k gold and diamonds. They still feel tough and edgy, but they have a very sensual and feminine quality as well. I wear mine every day.” – Pamela Love

Loyalist: Lena Dunham

9. REPOSSI Berbère Module Cage Ring

REPOSSI Berbère Module Cage Ring

Who: Since taking the helm at Repossi, the European jewelry house started by her grandfather, Gaia Repossi has infused the collection with her modern, minimalist approach to innovative designs.

Why: “It’s been an incredible experience to be able to express myself in such a way and see the result. To be able to connect with an audience that understands my work, to see it on people, and to create a new wave of design in jewelry were all strong goals of mine.” – Gaia Repossi

Loyalist: Cate Blanchett



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