Jacqueline Demeterio - The Intern
Jacqueline Demeterio

When it came to putting together a distinct style for Anne Hathaway’s character in her new movie The Intern, costume designer Jacqueline Demeterio knew just where to start. “Anne plays Jules, the CEO of a fashion start-up company in Brooklyn, but she is a wife and mother to a five-year-old,” said the designer, who has worked on projects like Sex and the City 2, Ugly Betty, and Confessions of a Shopaholic. “Her look had to have the elements of high end fashion, but also needed to be practical. Her style is everything I enjoy—classic, chic, and modern. The pieces in her closet all work well together and have clean lines, while still managing to stay fresh and ahead of the trend.”

Classic? Chic? Modern? Only one place to go—Barneys! As she began sourcing clothes for the film, Demeterio returned to our Madison Avenue flagship, where the first stages of her career actually began. In an ironic twist, Demeterio herself was a former intern and then assistant to Laura Mannix, who oversees Studio Services at the store. “Once I described the character to Laura, she knew what pieces I would gravitate toward, and she would pre-pull for me, take photos, and we would shop the store together,” Demeterio said. “Laura understands my vision and has become another set of eyes that I trust completely to represent my aesthetic.”

And when it comes to aesthetics, that’s what Demeterio’s job is all about. Her own personal style often finds its way into her characters’ looks, which was the case for The Intern. “Coming from a fashion background, I am influenced by designers that I enjoy wearing and think are beautiful,” she told us. “Obviously, you don’t always have that type of character to costume. Unfortunately you can’t always dress someone in Saint Laurent and Celine!”

But lucky for Demeterio, The Intern was one film where some of these favorite brands felt right at home. And it wasn’t long before Demeterio felt just at home on set as well. “Working alongside Academy Award winning actors and an Oscar-nominated filmmaker seemed a bit daunting at first, but also extremely exciting,” she said. “Nancy Meyers’ films are of course known for their beautiful aesthetic and her attention to every detail. Working with her through this process and collaborating everyday on set for the overall look of the film was something that I am very proud of.”

Scroll on for a closer look at a few of the most iconic looks from The Intern, set to open in theaters this Friday, then head to Barneys to bring a bit of Jules’ practical yet polished style into your own wardrobe.

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