Last night we fêted the launch of The High End, Barneys’ luxury cannabis lifestyle shop at Barneys Beverly Hills, which also launches online next week. The curated offering includes an extensive selection of accessories, homewares, beauty, and lifestyle products, as well as an exclusive partnership with upscale cannabis company Beboe.

The evening included many of the traditional elements of a fabulous early spring party: mezcal cocktails, delicious passed canapés, and Samantha Ronson poolside on the decks making people move—while special treats from Beboe added a little something extra.

Guests included Lake Bell, Busy Philipps, Benji and Joel Madden, Djuna Bell, Nikolai Haas, Greg Chait, and Senator Steve Bradford. Scroll on for more highlights from the fun evening, and be sure to check out The High End at Barneys Beverly Hills on the fifth floor, and look out for the online launch on March 29.

Special thanks to Meir Kroll of Always Construction Inc. for the gorgeous private home at 8971 Shoreham Drive.

Barneys Creative Director and host Matthew Mazzucca with fellow host Clement Kwan of Beboe

Hosts Scott Campbell and Clement Kwan of Beboe

Pictured: Lake Bell, Busy Philipps

Rooftop vibes

A close look at decor for The High End’s opening

Beboe products are available at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills and launching online next week.

Pictured: Samantha Ronson, Scott Campbell, Benji Madden

Pictured: Richard Perry, EVP of Marketing & Communications, Tomm Miller

Pictured: Nikolai Haas, Djuna Bel

Pictured: Scott Campbell, Senator Steve Bradford, Clement Kwan

Pictured: Simon Doonan

Pictured: Rachel Johnson, Grace Heller

Pictured: Chantal Jeffries

Pictured: Mel Ottenberg, Jordan Wolfson

Pictured: Greg Chait

Pictured: CJ Wallace, Willie Mack