Getting dressed and dating are not so different. In both, we present ourselves to the world. This fall, we’re embracing new designers who are unafraid to bring self-expression to the fore of their work. These clothes are not for wallflowers. This is fashion at its strongest. Discover a group of designers whose work is informed by the politics of the world we are living in, and clothes crafted with an eye on creating a more sustainable world. Our latest video lookbook, Change Agents, showcases the season’s most exciting designers alongside real-life stories of dating in a modern world. Here, we help match you with your next outfit via the “dating profiles” of these designers.


Marine Serre

Seeking: Subversive, politically savvy partner to make a scene with—bring your best protest signs and be unafraid to make your voice heard.


Katherine Hamnett London

Seeking: Something casual, but not vapid. Think cheap wine and high-brow political conversation followed by a sleepover. Looking for someone who can hold their own in intellectual conversation.



Seeking: Someone who wants to expatriate together—must be unafraid to stand out and perfectly comfortable in your own skin.



Seeking: An obsessive reader of Hyperallergic to go gallery-hopping and debate the meaning of contemporary art with.



Seeking: Someone to hang out in the graphic-novel section at The Strand for hours on end.


Martine Rose

Seeking: An underground music junkie and partner in concert-hopping (across genres).



Seeking: An insider city slicker who knows all the bouncers at the best spots in town and is rarely home before dawn.



Seeking: Someone to leisurely read the paper with on Sunday mornings over brunch, followed by a stroll in the West Village.


A Plan Application

Seeking: A true romantic, someone too busy and mature for nonsense or games, perhaps dinner and a walk around the MoMA.




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