Sophia Bush became a household name as Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill. Since then she’s had lead roles on other network dramas, including the upcoming, Surveillance—all the while never buying into the idea that actors should stay in their lane. She’s a proud feminist and an outspoken advocate on many issues, including getting people out to vote.

On the the last episode of The Barneys Podcast, host Cindi Leive sits down with Bush, and the two can’t help but start with what’s occupying their minds this week: voting. “We identify as so many things in our society, but we don’t identify as voters! I want people to be as proud that they are voters, as they are proud that they have faith or family or rescued a dog. We should love to be engaged. We should love to be literally standing up for what is right,” she tells Leive. Standing up for what’s right is something Bush knows a thing or two about, having been very vocal with her past experiences of sexual harassment. “We have to stand in the reality of these experiences and talk about them until we change the culture that permits them in the first place.”

Tune in to the latest and last episode of The Barneys Podcast Season 2 for the inspiring interview.

Cindi Leive and Sophia Bush at the recording studio in Los Angeles




This is the final episode of The Barneys Podcast. Special thanks to Transmitter Media. Stay tuned for details on Season 3!

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