Samin Nosrat grew up in San Diego to Iranian immigrant parents and first learned about food through her mother’s amazing home cooking. After a fateful dinner at Alice Waters’s Chez Panisse, her life forever changed, and Nosrat turned to cooking. In 2016, her book Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: The Art of Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking became a best seller, and she won a James Beard Award. Now she’s brought her element-based food philosophy to life in a four-part series on Netflix that blends travel and food and has been called the “feminist future of TV shows.”

“If I had an opportunity to go back to graduate school, I would write a dissertation on gender in the kitchen—it’s one of the things I’ve spent a long time thinking about,” she tells host Cindi Leive on the latest episode of The Barneys Podcast, Season 2.

Throughout the mouthwatering episode, Nosrat discusses everything from her writing and cooking processes to the importance of shedding light on those who haven’t had their stories told. She also explains why one should always have sauerkraut and kimchi on hand.



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