When RE/DONE cofounder Sean Barron first saw Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini at a dinner in Paris, he wasn’t familiar with their fashion label, The Attico, but he knew their style was something special. He invited the Milanese design duo to join his table. Immediately, all of the designers hit it off (Ambrosio and Tordini were already fans of Re/Done), bonding over a passion for vintage as well as core values of sustainability.

A month later, they reunited in L.A., and RE/DONE + The Attico was born. “At first glance, The Attico and RE/DONE might seem to live on the opposite sides of the fashion world, but the truth is we both love taking something old and making it new. It’s really the soul of both brands,” explains Barron. “Once we understood that, the creation of the collection was very fluid and easy.”

Below, we chat with Ambrosio and Tordini about the spirit of design, duality, and heading to rag houses in L.A. to create RE/DONE + The Attico.

Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio wearing RE/DONE + The Attico

The Window: Much of the allure of Attico is the way you mix your personal aesthetics. Tell me about each of your personal styles and how they translate into The Attico DNA.
Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini: The Attico is a mind-set that is the result of the combination of our visions and personalities. Each time we work on a collection, we convey our spirit. We seize the moment; there are no rules in doing it. We like to think about The Attico as a collection of collectibles that is enriched season after season by the things we love. The Attico DNA is about living large, enjoying the moment, and expressing the different facets of your personality and femininity.

How does your Italian heritage translate into The Attico?
Even if we consider ourselves citizens of the world, our roots are undeniably linked to our culture and traditions. The Attico is linked to the hedonistic side of existence, which is something that well defines and characterizes the Italian way of life. We think that our sensitivity towards things and beauty itself is embedded in our Italian origins. It is something ancestral that leads your feelings and emotions even towards the notion of style.

RE/DONE + THE ATTICO Floral Minidress / RE/DONE + THE ATTICO Floral Belted Midi-Dress

Meanwhile, RE/DONE is quintessentially American. Did you wear the brand before meeting Sean and his team?
We were RE/DONE fans even before our meeting with Sean, and the funny thing is that we have always interpreted the brand in a very different way. Giorgia would dress the jeans up with high-heel pumps and a vintage embellished shirt, while Gilda would wear them in a more casual way with flat shoes and a white T-shirt. Sean was very impressed by this duality in wearing his pieces; maybe this was one of the reasons that led him to start thinking about a possible collaboration with The Attico.

RE/DONE + THE ATTICO Draped Floral Blouse / RE/DONE + THE ATTICO Pleated Camouflage Cargo Pants

What made you want to collaborate? How did you approach the collection given how different the two lines are?
The possibility and curiosity to challenge your general idea and approach towards vintage is where it all began. We start there but in very different ways—RE/DONE works with actual vintage pieces, while for us it’s just a starting point, an inspiration.

Given that we went straight to rag houses in Downtown L.A. to look for vintage pieces, we didn’t have an idea in the beginning, so we just went with the flow and collected all the pieces that we were attracted to. Then we started to edit and to work on each piece singularly, transforming it, refitting it. Giving it a new life and shape.

Actually, the process was very smooth and instinctive; we found out that opposites attract, and often they bring to life something unexpected and absolutely worthy and genuine.

RE/DONE + THE ATTICO Embellished Levi’s® Jacket / RE/DONE + THE ATTICO Pleated High-Rise Jeans

I heard you spent a day with the RE/DONE vintage team at rag houses around L.A.—what was that experience like?
Rag houses in L.A. was the most natural starting point. We came across several unique pieces to play with. We spontaneously began to modify them, changing the shapes, cutting the sleeves, adding crystals. It was so much fun blending the two worlds, adding the The Attico sparkle to more daily and real pieces.

RE/DONE + THE ATTICO Pleated Camouflage Cargo Miniskirt

Tell us about the collection. How will you each wear it? What are your favorite pieces?
The collaboration came about very naturally, as both The Attico and RE/DONE have in common a passion for vintage and the aim of reinterpreting old pieces in a new, contemporary way. The general idea is proposing a metropolitan look to wear during daytime. The overall feeling is casual, but the possibilities to style the collection are potentially infinite. The most important thing is having fun in doing it. We are in love with each piece, as they truly represent what we had in mind. It is truly a matter of how you feel in the moment in which you wear it; it can become whatever you want.

RE/DONE + THE ATTICO Pleated Camouflage Cargo Pants / RE/DONE + THE ATTICO Embellished Levi’s® Jacket

What inspires you about American/L.A. fashion and culture?
We come to L.A. every year to do research—the energy that you feel there isn’t comparable to any other place in the world, and we feel a deep connection with this city. It has an unpredictable mix of cultures, subcultures, styles, and suggestions. The sources of inspirations are everywhere—in the streets, in the music, and in the people.

RE/DONE + THE ATTICO Crystal-Embellished Cotton Tank / RE/DONE + THE ATTICO Pleated Levi’s® Miniskirt


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