Stylist Philippe Uter is putting his mark on the world of fashion. Whether he’s dressing models Jourdan Dunn or Coco Rocha for a red carpet appearance, styling an editorial piece for Vogue France, or tackling a commercial project for Giuseppe Zanotti, the French stylist continues to pursue new endeavors in his field. Originally from France, early in his career Philippe moved to Los Angeles seeking new opportunity and found himself immersed in the celebrity style scene. After relocating, Uter connected with celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger and assisted her in styling looks for renowned clients like Lupita Nyongo. Before long, the sartorially inclined creative started to build his own solid roster of well-known clients.


Most recently, Philippe Uter expanded his Hollywood list to take on Stranger Things actor, Noah Schnapp. With nine months in of working with the young talent, Uter has dressed Schnapp for notable events including the Emmys, BAFTA Film Awards, and MTV Movie Awards. With red carpet season kicking off, Philippe has made it a point to amp up Noah’s personal style and ensure every red carpet look is as binge-worthy as every episode of the Netflix hit.

We recently chatted with Uter about his start as a stylist, what past projects contributed to his big break in the industry, and his anticipation for styling Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp. Read on as the celebrity stylist shares his insights and takes us behind the scenes of dressing the young star for the Golden Globes.


The Window: The celebrity stylist landscape can be a challenging industry to break into. How did you get your start?
Philippe Uter: My start came effortlessly. At the age of nineteen, I decided to travel to Paris to attend Yves Saint Laurent’s School Of Fashion. After a few months of residing in the city, I connected with an amazing photographer that brought me on a project for GQ Russia. I continued school, but at the same time I picked up other projects with Vogue Japan and GQ UK. I continued to meet new people and ended up landing a role at Vogue France, where I worked for Karl Lagerfeld.

Was there a moment in your career when you felt that this was indeed your big break?
After working on a shoot with French actress Ludivine Sagnier, she asked me to accompany her during her movie premier season as her stylist. We hit it off instantly and worked together for almost a year. Ludivine’s career continued to progress, and at the end of the premier season, she asked me to style her for the Cannes Film Festival. This consisted of styling her for two weeks, with three to four looks each day. After receiving amazing press coverage in every glossy magazine, I knew that celebrity styling was for me.

A mentor of mine encouraged me to move to L.A. to grow my celebrity clientele. After moving from Paris to Los Angeles, I worked alongside celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger and learned so much. We collaborated together during award season to style Lupita Nyongo. Nyongo ended up winning the Oscar that night, which was a major moment for both Micaela and me.

Helping style Lupita Nyongo for that major Oscars moment was indeed iconic. Is this your favorite project to date?
It was a major moment, but I have to say the highlight of my career was styling Kate Moss. I was extremely young and just in awe that I was allowed the opportunity. That was a moment that I told all of my friends and family about.


Award season is finally here, and you are kicking off the Golden Globes working with Stranger Things Actor, Noah Schnapp. How is it working with the young star?
The first time we worked together, we clicked right away—that was nine months ago. It’s truly a valuable work relationship. The energy is authentic, and the outcomes are always remarkable. Also, Noah’s mom contributes to the process, which is very helpful. We are like one big family. We have an open and honest relationship where we are able to communicate freely ideas and styling options. We speak what we truly think, and that is refreshing.

Noah is younger than many of the clients you usually dress. How has the styling process been different?
When we first connected, I was concerned that at his young age it would be tricky to find the right style for him. When styling Schnapp, I didn’t want him to come off as being overdressed, and I wanted to find designers that would be willing to create something authentic for him. Everyone loves Noah and Stranger Things, but some brands push back because they do not feel he is their target market yet. All in all, finding the right designer that would make a custom look was indeed a challenge, but we were able to master it. We scouted out designers willing to create custom pieces tailored to his frame. He has made impeccable fashion statements with every red carpet appearance to date.


How would you describe the process of developing Noah’s style?
Noah loves fashion and he feels comfortable in attire that his peers wouldn’t normally wear. This is helpful because I’m able to push his style further. At the same time, both he and his mother bring ideas to the table that I would have never thought about, so I work to include those suggestions into the process so that the he feels special and close to the clothing. It’s about bringing the right energy and creating something for him that would not jeopardize who he truly is.

What are your go-to tips for preparing the Netflix star for the red carpet?
The best tip I give to everyone is that the steamer is your best friend. An entire look can be ruined if the piece is not perfectly free of wrinkles. I do not travel without an iron and steamer. Another tip is always to have a sewing kit handy. You never know when something will break or a button will fall off, so keeping one nearby is crucial. I’ve had my share of last-minute problems. I was dressing a celebrity for a big red carpet moment, and ten minutes before she had to leave her zipper broke. Thankfully I was prepared and sewed the dress on her. Advance preparation is very important.


Lastly, we are thrilled that you and Noah will be taking over our social media during the Golden Globes. What moments are you excited to capture and share with our audience?
Not only am I excited to share Noah’s final look, but I am also delighted to capture other statements on the red carpet. With the #BlackOut moment taking place, I’m intrigued to see how other stylists tackle this project and still manage to have their celebrities stand out. I enjoy seeing how other creatives cater to their clients and make a red carpet moment happen. Fashion is diverse, and this is what I love the most.

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