From its early roots as the groundbreaking New England-based work shoe to countless references in hip-hop lyrics, the Timberland boot has remained a recognizable fixture in workwear and streetwear for decades. Now, BNY Sole Series turns to one of the brand’s most versatile silhouettes—its classic mid-cut men’s field boot.

For Chris Pepe, senior buyer of men’s footwear who spearheaded the project, it’s a full-circle collaboration that dates back to his first job in the footwear world, selling shoes on the Syracuse University campus.

“Timberland had just re-released their dark brown and olive canvas field boot, better known as the ‘beef and broccoli’. Customers were going crazy over it, and it was my first eyewitness account of a true footwear frenzy,” he recalled. “So for me, doing something in that iconic colorway was a must.”

Staying true to the DNA of the original style, Barneys elevated the shoe with premium leather, hairy suede, and additional cushioning. Along with its twist on the beloved brown and dark green color combo, two additional styles—black pull-up leather with navy suede and Bordeaux with black—also feel “very Barneys,” Pepe said.

“I believe these boots will appeal to the customer who grew up wearing them, as now they’re able to get an update on a timeless classic without having to worry about the boot getting a complete makeover,” Pepe said. “We see this transcending more than just the sneaker aficionado.”

The ongoing releases will continue monthly through December, with each release to be announced on Instagram. Follow us at @barneysnyofficial and @barneysman for the latest information.



BNY Sole Series: Field Boots

“We chose a traditional material, suede, and added a unique feature. Hairy suede and nubuck leather mimic the iconic look of these boots, so the customer is getting a more premium feel.” – Chris Pepe

BNY Sole Series: Field Boots

“The mid-cut style is an accessible and equally stylish option for the customer that doesn’t love a higher boot.” – Chris Pepe

BNY Sole Series: Field Boots

“Because of its heritage and classic shape, this shoe has the broadest appeal of all the Sole Series.” – Chris Pepe

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