Following Barneys’ successful collaborations with iconic sneaker specialists Vans and Adidas, rising brand Filling Pieces introduces five styles for both men and women, offering an original take on their signature handmade low-top silhouette.

Chris Pepe, Barneys senior buyer of men’s footwear and creator of BNY Sole Series, was immediately drawn to Filling Pieces and its Dutch roots. “Amsterdam has always had an underground streetwear movement, but lately there are several uniquely creative brands and concepts coming out of the Netherlands.”

To merge street style with high-end fashion, the Barneys design team worked with Filling Pieces founder and designer Guillaume Philibert to conceptualize sneakers featuring custom-made, camo-embossed Impala leathers and special Italian Cosido quilted fabrics. “Filling Pieces does a great job sourcing new and unique materials, which is something I really appreciate,” Pepe said.

Definitive black and red punctuate the exclusive men’s styles. For women, two mid-top options, in black or white, are a minimalistic complement to the men’s story.

For women, two low-top options, in black or white, are a minimalistic complement to the men’s story.

Take a cue from our certified sneaker aficionados and infuse your fall wardrobe with an elevated take on staple kicks.

The ongoing releases will continue monthly through December, with each release to be announced on Instagram. Follow us at @barneysnyofficial and @barneysman for the latest information.



BNY Sole Series: Low-Top Sneakers

“We decided to do an all-black stamped camo, using the finest leathers sourced in Italy, because we wanted to offer a unique material in a more subdued color.” — Chris Pepe

BNY Sole Series: Low-Top Sneakers

“Red continues to be a highly sought-after sneaker color.” – Chris Pepe

BNY Sole Series: Low-Top Sneakers

“We are seeing a progression in the mid-top height for women’s, and this captures the trend. We loved the simplistic line-textured upper in black and in white, which gives a modern feel that bridges the gap between high-fashion and comfort.” – Barneys women’s footwear buyer Jane Baek

BNY Sole Series: Low-Top Sneakers

“The black-and-red micro quilted goatskin sneaker is really cool. The material looks like it’s a wiry basketweave of sorts, but the quilting is actually stitched down a bit.” – Chris Pepe

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