According to själ’s founders Kristin and Karen Petrovich, beauty products should be as much about what they do on the inside as on the outside. The Swedish mother/daughter duo fuses scientific advances with ancient healing practices. Treatments include ingredients such as pearls, platinum, Siberian ginseng, and gemstone blends—each formulated to balance both body and mind.

“My mother and I have always used eastern medicines for prevention, relaxing, and to balance energy. We found that these ancient medicines coupled with the latest advances in anti-aging technology made the most balanced and effective products.” Kristin told The Window.

If you’re thinking that using a mixture of nano-gold and sapphires to heal and protect sounds like something straight out of a Harry Potter novel—think again. Scientists are currently using the same platinum delivery system employed within själ products in bio-tech cancer research to target weak cells. Besides, according to Barneys’ beauty buyers Stephanie Nitschke and Delia Folk, the proof is in the pudding.

“I personally love the Orbe eye cream and use it daily,” said Nitschke. “The ingredients are soothing, calming, and instantly hydrate. And all the själ scents are so light and fresh.” For Folk, the själ Bio-Regeneratif Serum is really the all-star in the group. “I use it in the morning under my makeup. When it goes on, it immediately brightens and leaves a shimmering, radiant glow on my skin.”

Ready to turn back the clock with some själ magic of your own? Check out our favorites from this bottled-up fountain of youth, plus words from Karen and Kristin about their products’ standout ingredients.

“All matter has energy. However, gemstones and minerals naturally emit at a higher frequency. This is positive for our cells—and ultimately for our health. It helps direct energy to specific areas of need, constantly adapting to your skin under any condition and allowing for maximum benefits.”
Karen and Kristin Petrovich

SJÄL Cela Intuitif – Cellular Intuition Day Cream

“The lightweight Cellular Intuition Day Cream is perfect for combination and oily skin in polluted environments. Its natural acids and peptides provide polishing, renewal, and cellular turnover. Transformative ingredients include pearl for brightening and detoxifying, copper for collagen synthesis, and silver and gold for a DNA boost.” —Kristin Petrovich

SJÄL Mineral Kalla – Energy Tonic / SJÄL Balans – Deep Pore Cleanser

“So much more than a tonic, our refreshing Mineral Kalla Energy Tonic includes gold and silver for anti-inflammation as well as adaptogens: maral root, arctic root, and Siberian ginseng for protection against internal and external stress. It’s wonderful for spritzing throughout the day to calm, hydrate, and protect.” —Kristin Petrovich

“The Balans Cleanser is amazing. It leaves the skin hydrated and brightened, calm yet detoxified. Its luxurious, non-foaming texture emulsifies dirt and makeup. It also contains nano-gold and silver for natural anti-bacterial properties and a pearl extract for brightening. It’s excellent for all skin types—especially sensitive skin.”
Karen Petrovich

SJÄL Bio-Regeneratif Serum

“Our Bio-Regeneratif Serum regenerates skin through a platinum peptide delivery system that targets cells for anti-aging by lifting and firming. It contains a malachite extract which acts as a protective shield against eletromagnetic fields and harmful radiation from cell phones and computers.” —Karen Petrovich

SJÄL Pearl Enzyme Exfoliating Mask

“Inspired by Tibetan medicine, we wanted to create a multi-tasking, gentle exfoliator utilizing pearls and diamonds. Our Pearl Enzyme Exfoliating Mask leaves skin extremely soft with a deep inner glow and resonance.” —Karen and Kristin Petrovich

SJÄL Kura Intuitif – Skin Intuition Night Cream

“The Kura Intuitif Night Cream is truly where anti-aging meets repair. It’s rich, easily absorbed, and includes a själ gemstone blend of sapphire, diamond, ruby, and amethyst, plus platinum peptide.” —Kristin Petrovich

SJÄL Saphir Concentrate Anti-Aging Face Oil

“I love the Saphir Concentrate Face Oil. It focuses on anti-aging while being versatile and lightweight. It’s fabulous when combined with our tonic or serum, and charged with blue sapphires and aquamarines for calming and clearing. Plus, its light essential oil blend reminds me of Capri!”
Kristin Petrovich

SJÄL Orbe Eye Contour Crème

“Our Orbe Eye Cream is natural, yet effective. It contains minerals for regeneration and repair, coupled with a detoxifying peptide for contouring, lifting, and brightening. Active molecules lift for lymphatic drainage and break up fatty deposits.” —Karen Petrovich

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