In the spirit of the season, we bring you “Six Second Celebrations,” a tiny slice of holiday fun from 14 of our favorite influencers. Each day, from now until December 24, we’ll unveil a new mini clip of merriment featuring style icons getting down with their favorite things. Some do the happy shopping dance—you know, the one prompted by getting your hands on something covetable that truly inspires—and others relish in playfully gifting and rifting off friends. We kick off with Ilona Royce Smithkin,​ 95-year-old artist and exceptionally stylish storyteller. Check back each day to see who’s up next and which Barneys giftables cause them to break out into momentary bursts of exuberance.


Patrick Cappiello
Wine Director, Pearl & Ash and Renegade Wine Dinner
Patrick sabers a bottle of Ruinart Champagne with: Baz Dazzled Champagne saber.

I’m a professional… Wino.

The holidays are… a great reason to chop the heads off Champagne bottles!

One song needed on a holiday party playlist is… Christmas In Hollis by Run D.M.C.

My winter drink of choice is… Jameson on the rocks.

Favorite destination to get into the holiday spirit… The holiday party at Tom & Jerry’s bar in NYC. It’s the one and only time each year they serve the “Tom & Jerry” Christmas cocktail.

Don’t tell…my sister…but I’d love to buy her…a these Christian Louboutin sneakers…because…they are bad ass!

2015 resolution… Will be to never have to make another resolution again…

Midnight on New Year’s Eve…I’ll be sabering a bottle of Champagne, of course!

Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne
Designers, Public School
Dao-Yi crushes Maxwell in a game of chess with: Scali Salvatore polished alabaster set.

Shopping for women is… So much easier now that we have our own women’s collection.

YOLO gift… Fashion Fund runner-up designer Eva Fehren’s gold and diamond X rings.

Winter drink of choice… Organic Avenue Green Love.

The holidays aren’t complete without… Stopping by the Barneys windows—Baz Luhrmann absolutely outdid himself.

Check out what Dao-Yi and Maxwell “gifted” fellow Barneys designers… right here, on The Window!

Michael Carl
Fashion Market Director, Vanity Fair
Michael attempts a holiday shoe angel with: all the Barneys men’s designer shoes!

I’m a professional… Gangster (fashion editor).

One song needed on a holiday party playlist is… Push It by Salt -N- Pepa.

My winter drink of choice is… Chardonnay (always).

Favorite holiday destination… The theater.

Don’t tell…Beyonce…but I’d love to buy her…a pair of Alaïa flats…because…I love her.

2015 resolution… To write more actual letters, on paper.

Midnight on New Year’s Eve… I’ll be somewhere in the Hollywood Hills.

Toast Meets World
Toast gets party hardy with: Oeuf stuffed hot dog toy and Fallon oversized biker chain.

I’m a professional… Model/Ambassador for Friends of Finn.

The holidays are… A time to binge at parties then lie to your trainer and tell him your car is stuck in the snow but really you cannot let him see how much Holiday cheer you have taken in…

One song needed on a holiday party playlist is… More, More, More by Andrea True.

My winter drink of choice is… Freds hot chocolate.

Favorite holiday destination… The Barneys holiday windows with my sister, Muppet.

Don’t tell…my Dad, The Fat Jewish…but I’d love to buy him…this Barneys leather-bound cashmere throw…because…it he demands to be swaddled in cashmere during the winter months and you can never have too many throws on hand.

2015 wish… That everyone who gets a dog this year would adopt it. I was adopted after being used as a puppy mill breeding dog making puppies for pet stores. I was so neglected that my teeth all had to come out by age 6 which is why I have such a cool tongue.

Midnight on New Year’s Eve… I’ll probably asleep at a party. I can’t stay awake very late. Or for long periods of time.


Alan Eckstein, Donna Kang, Timo Weiland
Team Timo Weiland
Alan, Donna, and Timo throw eachother shade with: Illesteva sunglasses, and Garrett Leight sunglasses

Timo Weiland
I’m a professional… Roadtripper.

The holidays are… Nonstop action.

One song needed on a holiday party playlist is… Thinking About You by Frank Ocean—one of the 100+ Christmas remixes!

My winter drink of choice is… Hot Toddy.

2015 resolution… To spend more time meditating to create room for growth.

Don’t tell…my BFF Leven Rambin…but I’d love to buy her…these Monique Péan gilalite studs…because…it would go perfectly with her new Monique Péan engagement ring from Barneys! (CONGRATS LEVEN & JIMMY!).

Midnight on New Year’s Eve…I’ll be DJing at the Hotel Americano and Monarch Room in New York City.

Alan Eckstein
I’m a professional… Dogwalker. Well, at least my dog, Coconut.

The holidays are… A time with family, friends, and indulgent drinking.

One song needed on a holiday party playlist is… I Wish It Was Christmas Today by Julian Casablancas.

My winter drink of choice is… A Dark & Stormy.

2015 resolution… The very original notion of going to the gym more often.

Don’t tell…my girlfriend Haley…but I’d love to buy her…some Araks pajamas…because…what’s better than having incredible PJs for the winter?

Midnight on New Year’s Eve…In the Hudson River Valley.


Leandra Medine & Amelia Diamond
Team Man Repeller
Leandra and Amelia digitally bond over: Opening Ceremony x Intel snakeskin MICA smart bracelets.

Leandra Medine
I’m a professional… Table Tennis Loser.

The holidays are… The happiest time of the year, hands down.

One song needed on a holiday party playlist is… Mariah Carey’s annoying but addictive All I Want for Christmas.

My winter drink of choice is… Warm sake

Favorite destination to get into the holiday spirit… Barneys, of course.

Midnight on New Year’s Eve…Sleeping.

Amelia Diamond
I’m a professional… Texter-and-walker while adhering to the social guidelines of pedestrian traffic flow and safety.

The holidays are… My favorite.

One song needed on a holiday party playlist is… Well, I would say MC’s “All Want for Christmas,” but I actually believe that’s a year round song, which means the one song needed at a holiday party is “Santa Baby.” Or anything Bing Crosby.

My winter drink of choice is… Red wine or hot coffee.

Favorite destination to get into the holiday spirit… Anywhere with family. Awww. Or the West Village.

Dont’ tell…my dad…but I’d love to buy him…this Armani sportcoat…because…the hired photographer at recent family function told him needed a new one.

Midnight on New Year’s Eve…Back home in San Francisco, avoiding people in the same dress as me.


Simon Doonan
Creative Ambassador, Barneys New York
Simon duets with: Taschen Barbra Streisand by Steve Schapiro & Lawrence Schiller

I’m a professional… Fashion addict

The holidays are… A great time to glam rock your style

One song needed on a holiday party playlist is… Shake your Groove Thang – Peaches and Herb

My winter drink of choice is… Hot Genmaicha Tea

Favorite destination to get into the holiday spirit… Florida, natch.

Don’t tell…Tomoko Ogura…but I’d love to buy her…a Delvaux Lemon Pochette…because…I think it would look really cute on her. 2015 resolution… Wear more fringe.

Midnight on New Year’s Eve…swinging from a chandelier somewhere in Latin America wearing Givenchy Couture.


Brendan Fallis
Brendan makes an excellent play in: Y-3 Tech Coated Sweatshirt, and Givenchy Basketball Duffle Bag.

I’m a professional… Clothing folder.

The holidays are… For spending with your family…if you’re not on a beach.

Party playlist crowd-pleaser… Tuxedo’s Wonderful Christmastime.

My winter drink of choice is… A Hot Toddy. Favorite destination to get into the holiday spirit… My home in Durham, Canada.  It sits in the ‘Snow Belt’ so there’s plenty of it up there and it feels like Christmas as soon as I get there.

Don’t tell…Hannah…but I’d love to buy her…Guiseppe Zanotti heels…because…who doesn’t love a woman in expensive heels—including women in expensive heels?

2015 resolution… To thank more people for doing the jobs I take for granted.

Midnight on New Year’s Eve… I’ll be on a beach in Thailand! gray-line-png

Eva Chen
Editor In Chief, Lucky
Eva does that happy shopping dance with: Fendi 3Jours Shopper; Lucky Magazine; Etiquette Baby Socks; Nars Fearless Nail Polish; Eugenia Kim Elie Hat.

I’m a professional… Shopper! (Runner-up: emailer).

The holidays are… Beautiful but the traffic, sigh…

Party playlist request… Anything Kanye.

My winter drink of choice is… Typically mulled wine but since I’m nine months pregnant, sparkling water.

Favorite destination to get into the holiday spirit…  Any NYC deli, the weekend they start putting out trees! I love that moment.

YOLO buy of the season is… The Sidney Garber Gold Wave Band.

2015 wish… To learn how to be a mother!

Midnight on New Year’s Eve… I’ll be in my pajamas.


Ilona Royce Smithkin
Ilona wears: Saint Laurent Bandana-Print Oversize Scarf; Givenchy Bambi Scarf; Mary Katrantzou Anchor And Gem-Print Scarf.

The holidays are for… Getting together with family you haven’t seen all year and may not see again till the next year.

Party playlist request… As Time Goes By from Casablanca

Winter drink of choice… Vodka—chilled—or Champagne. Nothing swimming in it either—no ice, no olives, no orange peels…not even Dita Von Teese!

Favorite destination to get into the holiday spirit… Everything sparkles in NYC. Wherever you look you discover something new. It’s lovely—everything dressed, lights in the leaves, golden balls—you can’t even forget it if you wanted to.

2015 wish… To be alive and in good health. Here’s how I will do it: 1. Three flights of stairs, up and down, every day 2. Not eat too much or too little 3. Spend time with wonderful friends. Exercise, eat healthy, enjoy life. These three things are happiness for your body and mind!

Midnight on New Year’s Eve… I’ll be in my home, with someone I like very much, and a glass of Champagne.

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