The fashion-obsessed know Sidney Prawatyotin as the hilarious founder of Instagram’s Siduations, a platform that places fashion characters in a whimsical context via his tongue-in-cheek collages. With over 27k followers, the account has received nods from the likes of Vogue and W Magazine, and now Barneys New York is merrily joining in the fun. “It started as a way of communicating with friends who were editors in the fashion industry,” Sidney explains. “I would take their pictures and place them into weird situations that they normally wouldn’t be in. Surprisingly, the word started to spread about the account, but by no means did I expect to gain this much recognition.”

From unconventional mash-ups of Bernie Sanders in Balenciaga to Maison Margiela models on the subway in New York City, breaking the fashion rules is Sidney’s forte. “It’s a portfolio that I use to express myself and to stir up a conversation,“ he says. “Whether it’s political or humorous, my intentions are to not offend anyone, but to create dialogue.”

Is this the B train? 🤦🏻‍♀️ #balenciaga #siduations

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Having worked in the fashion industry for over fifteen years, Sidney is able to bring a smart, satirical perspective that we can all appreciate and have a little laugh with. And the best part is—no person or brand is off limits. “Fortunately, fashion takes inspiration from things in the past, pop culture, and the current social environment and turns them into clothes,”­­­­­­ says Prawatyotin. “I aim for Siduations to be the same, in that I make a connection between everyday reality and what sometimes can be viewed as a fantasy. “

Collage by Sidney Prawatyotin

Regardless if the collages utilize street-style stars or runway models, the Barneys’ team has kept a close eye on the hilarious newcomer. The man behind the memes has found a special place at our corporate headquarters and consistently brings laughter to what can often be a serious space.

Picking up steam across the fashion industry, Prawatyotin has upped the ante by partnering with Barneys to create artistic visuals that will take us across the four fashion capitals: New York, London, Milan, and Paris. With countless editors and influencers flooding into New York City for the kickoff event of the season, we anticipate that the artist will have fresh content to pluck and place right into the ideal Siduations composition. Follow us during Fashion Month on Instagram as we unveil a new and clever collage every week.