Since inheriting her father Sidney Garber’s namesake line of jewelry, which he founded in 1946, Brooke Garber Neidich has dedicated herself to both honoring his legacy and putting her own spin on the brand. Her dynamic, philanthropic spirit (she gives away all her profits from Sidney Garber to not-for-profit organizations) has become synonymous with the Sidney Garber name—and if there was ever a piece of jewelry to associate with her, it’s without a doubt the brand’s beloved Rolling Bracelets.

“I always loved tubogas, and I loved stacks of bracelets—though, at the time, I thought two was a stack! I now wear four,” she says of origins of the bracelet. “We first did the domed cuff in 1980, and I wore two domed cuffs every day. Then, in 1985 I designed the Rolling Bracelets and switched to wearing them all the time—often combining more than one set.”

The way Neidich has since made the stack of slip-on bangles a wardrobe essential speaks to the sense of permanence inherent to Sidney Garber jewelry. These are pieces meant to become part of a woman’s lifestyle, passed down to a daughter, given to a best friend. That they have clicked with a wide range of women of every age speaks to their perennial appeal.

SIDNEY GARBER Rolling Bracelets

“I think the uniqueness was how I put it together,” she reflects. “There were costume versions of tubogas, and there still are. At the time, Bulgari was using lots of tubogas too—the difference was that nobody else was doing three-row versions. These pieces evolved. It’s been amazing to see them stay relevant—even iconic—like a long strand of pearls or a gypsy mounting.” Neidich looks at the bracelets like any other wardrobe essential: a great pair of jeans, a navy blazer, a camel coat, a white cotton shirt. “They complete and complement anything you wear. Truly.”

Her loyal following includes a wide range of women, from Barneys’ own CEO Daniella Vitale to Town & Country’s editor in chief Stellene Volandes, Neidich’s close friend and photographer Julie Taubman, Oprah, and Ashley Olsen. “Both my daughters-in-law, Alessandra and Aliza, wear them. In fact, Aliza had hers on while she gave birth!” Neidich adds that she loves being surprised to see them on people’s wrists. “I recently met the film director Nancy Meyer at a party in L.A. As I was telling her what a fan I was, she looked at my wrist and then showed me hers. She told me that her sister was a long-time Chicago customer, and they both gave their mother Rolling Bracelets for her 80th birthday. When she passed away, they each took one and wear them every day as a remembrance.”

Moments like that can happen with total strangers, too. One of her favorite stories happened at an elegant restaurant in Paris 20 years ago. “I was sitting there and a chic French woman came over to me and complimented my bracelets. I said thank you and chatted a bit. I told her we had a store in Chicago. The minute she heard me say ‘store,’ she said she must have them. I ended up selling her mine off my wrists!”

One thing’s for certain, that lucky woman is still wearing her Rolling Bracelets.

Brooke Garber Neidich in her signature stack of Rolling Bracelets.


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