Video courtesy of Vogue.

In the latest video of Vogue’s “73 Questions” series, mom/fashion designer/VIP mogul, Victoria Beckham packs in a whole lot of posh spice in under six minutes. Beckham, whose namesake collection recently debuted at Barneys—with some exclusive styles, to boot—takes Vogue‘s friendly, anonymous interviewer around her recently opened store in London while shedding light on such mysteries as why she never smiles and her love for fanny packs.

The Window, while justly intrigued by Victoria’s cheeky sense of humor (she refers to herself as “comedy gold”), was especially eager to suss out her must-have shopping list. Below, ten items mentioned by the Brit-wit herself, with a few interpretations made by us in celebration of her Spring ’15 collection arrival at Barneys New York.


What’s a daily ritual: “I’m up at 6a.m., working out.”
In a chic head-to-toe VPL Active look, paired with her friend Stella McCartney’s X Adidas sneakers, we’d imagine.


What is your favorite color: “Sunset orange.”
And doesn’t it look grand eminanting from this Givenchy Pandora bag?


Diamonds or pearls: “Both. We love Prince!”
Couldn’t agree more. With these Grace Lee stunners, we too, would be a happy boy or a girl.

Grace Lee

What’s the best fashion secret you ever learned: “Less is more.”
As demonstrated by this restrained Victoria Beckham sheath dress with subtle, striking cut-out.
Beckham cutout dress

If you had to wear one thing the rest of your life, what would it be: “Knickers.”
Smart choice! This adorable Cosabella pack includes nine best-selling thongs.

Besides cell phone, what are three things you always have in your bag: “Byredo hand cream…”
There’s a reason the jet set don’t leave home without their Byredo hand cream. If you haven’t found out yet, this seasonal winter chill is a good time to give it a try.
Byredo hand cream

What’s your favorite vacation spot: “Napa Valley.”
The casual special occasion destination calls for an effortless, easy-to-pack celebratory cocktail dress.

Beckham assymetrical dress

Besides L.A., what city do you visit the most: “Paris.”
Get to revel in the City of Lights with the revised edition of Taschen’s Paris for 2015, highlighting restaurants, hotels, and shops, and includes a pocket-size map of the city.
Paris book

What’s your favorite animal print: “Leopard.”
We wonder how many Manolo Blahnik BBs Victoria may possibly own…
Manola Blahnik leopard BB pump

What phrase would define how you live your life: “Positive energy and creative visualization.”
This dress just about summarizes Vogue‘s “73 Questions” with Victoria Beckham: saucy, innovative, confident, and sporty—yet supremely posh.
Victoria Beckham dress