Sometimes, putting together outfits for an event where countless photos documenting every enjoyable moment will be shared on Instagram, Snapchat, over texts, and filed away in the fashion archives of your brain, can be overwhelming. No one knows this better than the Fosters.

On a recent trip to Barneys New York in Beverly Hills, Sara and Erin, in search of the perfect music festival ensembles, found they were, quite literally, in over their heads with all the designer-drenched racks of clothing to choose from. Collapsed amongst a luxurious mountain of Saint Laurent, Jennifer Meyer, R13, and Valentino (we could go on, but then we’d be listing our entire store directory), the Barely Famous stars were just about to call it a night. Thank goodness Barneys’ midnight angel of sartorial dreams, a.k.a. Creative Ambassador Simon Doonan, happened upon the lost souls and swooped in to do what he does best—whip together fantastical looks worthy of the most discerning of iPhone camera lenses.

Will they make it out in time for the Stagecoach fest this weekend? Or will they forever be: Locked. In. Barneys.


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