As the title suggests, Could I Have That? is an expertly curated collection of all things covetable and beautiful—and, even better, within reach. Santa Barbara-based Samantha Wennerstrom started the website in 2009 as an outlet for showcasing her chic, creative point of view and quickly amassed followers drawn to her blend of laidback California style and refined, worldly taste. From home décor ideas to travel tips and outfits of the day, Samantha dishes impeccable style in a relatable, down-to-earth way. Last year, she and her husband Todd welcomed baby Elin, and now her refreshing, often frank, approach to motherhood adds another relatable dimension to her inspired world.


Pictured: Samantha and her 1-year old daughter Elin

With her warm home and sharp eye, we knew Samantha was the perfect person to curate the ultimate gift guide for the domestically-minded—think: cashmere throws, teak salad bowls, and darling plush toys. We were also eager to learn how her Cali family spends the holidays. Not surprisingly, her wit and joyful spirit are in full swing during the festive season. Below, she dishes on her favorite holiday traditions, with no shortage of hot toddies and eggnog.

The Window: What do ‘the holidays’ mean to you?
Samantha Wennerstrom:
I love the holidays because it usually means a lot of parties, a lot of fun with family and friends, and a lot of good food. My husband and I both have big families, so every year seems to be different, but it always involves being with family. This year I’m especially excited to see our daughter Elin (she’ll be 13 months) respond to all the fun.

What’s on tap this year specifically?
We’re staying home for Thanksgiving but heading to my brother-in-law’s ranch in Texas with a big group for Christmas. There’s endless fun to be had there so we probably won’t be venturing out much.

Tells us about one of your favorite holiday traditions.
I’m the youngest of fourfour rowdy redheads to be exact. Even though we’re all grown up and in our 30’s and 40’s, we still somehow end up acting like kids when it comes to the holidays. Maybe it’s because we’re all together or maybe it’s just fun, but the laughs have never subsided. Joke gifts are huge in my family. My sister and I love to wrap up embarrassing things, write someone else’s name on the “from,” and sit back and watch the awkward confusion unravel. I’m usually the first one to crack and start laughing, but this year I’m working on my stone face.

Samantha’s style embodies a modern spin on classic taste.

Tell us all about the best holiday party you’ve been to in recent years.
Some friends rented a trolley and gave a tour of the best Christmas lights in town, the local Clark Griswolds. They played the best holiday music, served hot toddies and eggnog, and ended the tour at a favorite bar. We ended up having too much fun.

What’s your approach to hosting?
I love hosting holiday get-togethers. Brunch is my favorite, since everyone’s calendars are always full at night. I set out a huge spread, serve blood orange mimosas or hot toddy’s, start a fire, and throw pillows all around our living room for a relaxed lazy morning. There are usually a few stragglers who stick around for an afternoon showing of Christmas Vacation.

What song would be your soundtrack to your festive season?
Baby It’s Cold Outside by Zooey Deschanel.

What’s your absolute favorite holiday treat/indulgence?
Bourbon pumpkin cheesecake! I found the best recipe last year here and I can’t wait to make it again.

What’s your perfect holiday party outfit?
Black leather pants, boots, a chunky white sweater, a low bun, and statement earrings.

What frivolous item is on your wish list this year?
Diamond stud earrings, I’m ready for an upgrade!


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