“I’m going to bring the downtown side to Barneys uptown,” Sally Hershberger says in her New York accent from her Los Angeles salon. She is multitasking—helping another stylist named Jonathan work on a client’s hair, while revealing all of the details about her brand-new salon at Barneys New York’s Madison Avenue flagship. It marks the first time Hershberger has ever set up a permanent space in a luxury specialty retail store.

Back in the ’90s, Hershberger was known for giving Meg Ryan her famous textured haircut, the “Sally Shag.” Today, the celebrity stylist and haircare brand owner runs three salons, two in Manhattan and one is LA. Barneys makes four.

According to Hershberger, it’s the perfect marriage of brands. “Barneys and I are a great match because we are both into fashion and [cater to] a wide age range,” she enthuses, noting her clientele ranges from 20 to 60. Hershberger adds that she cuts many of her friends’ kids who are in their twenties. “I have a lot of young people coming to the new space…And that’s where I shop. There’s a lot of familiarity there. It’s the perfect fit—for them and for me.”

Interior of the new Sally Hershberger salon at Barneys New York, Madison Avenue.

The salon has sleek black-and-white decor on the foundation level (a.k.a., the beauty floor). Eight chairs will be set up amongst modern art and photography, including pieces from Melvin Sokolsky and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

While the space will definitely be a chic hideaway from NYC’s hustle and bustle, the greatest draw are the services offered. Expect the same cuts, color, and roster of stylist talent Hershberger is known to cultivate at her other outposts. The Sally Hershberger 24K line of haircare products will also be used and sold, so you can walk away with the volumizing dry shampoo or shine-enhancing oil to upkeep your look in between appointments.

“There’s going to be a lot of sexy hair,” Hershberger says. “A barber is going to be there for our gentleman. We’re going to have everything.”

In addition to getting cuts from Hershberger herself when she is in town, there will be a rolodex of top-demanded stylists, including Jerry Siphavong for cuts and Meaghan Phelps for color. Hershberger is known to hire and cultivate some of the most-talented names in the biz. “I have this one girl coming, Sher Rae,” Hershberger says. “She does some of the Victoria’s Secret girls and Tyra Banks. She’s African American and can do extensions, weaves, and wigs. She’s a genius.”

When asked about of-the-moment hair color trends, Hershberger offers her prediction for spring: “A lot of people are going darker, believe it or not. They are doing flatter and richer shades. Blonde is not going to stop, but the blondes are a little more ashy—less surfer blondes, more fashion-y, icier blondes.”

As for haircuts, Hershberger advises to finally clip that fringe. “I’m seeing lots of hair with layers and movement,” she confirms. “And bangs again! My clientele is a little more classic with an edge. So they’re not baby bangs. They’re doing sexy, boxy bangs like Brigitte Bardot. They’re heavy, in your face, and a little rocker.”

Hershberger’s key to keeping business booming is having strong DNA and brand identity. Barneys identifies this with Sally Hershberger and is proud to be part of her brand expansion. “The thing about a lot of salons is that you don’t really know what you’re going to get,” she says. “If you go to one of my salons, you’re going to get a bit of an edgy cool factor.”

Having a presence on social media also plays an essential part of the success puzzle. “[The hairstyling world has] changed dramatically because a lot of the people who are well-known have not or never will work in fashion,” she explains. “They’ve built huge careers by doing ‘befores’ and ‘afters.’ Everyone is getting super famous by posting their work on Instagram, especially if it’s with a Kardashian. Before, the way to be a famous hairdresser was to do celebrities or fashion. Because fashion publishers would promote you. And you’d have credit from editorials in Vogue and places like that. It’s changed a lot.”

As Hershberger simultaneously gets ready to hang up the phone and finish her client’s hair, she tells us she’s going to text a photo of the look to share it. “Wow!” she gushes. “It’s so good. Amazing!”

If sharing, evolving, and expanding is the name of the game in 2018, then Hershberger isn’t going anywhere.

The Hershberger Salon at Barneys is now open at our Madison Avenue location. Visit for a blowout, haircut, coloring, or styling. To schedule an appointment with Sally, please contact 212-833-2505.