When it comes to celebrity hair, few names are better known than Sally Hershberger. Whether cutting Joan Jett’s hair at age 16, taking part in photo shoots with Herb Ritts in her early 20s, going to the White House to style then–First Lady Hilary Clinton, opening multiple salons (including at Barneys Madison Avenue), or launching Sally Hershberger 24K, she has established herself as a true mogul.

Meanwhile, at Barneys head office, few people know great hair better than Rena Lazaros, VP of Creative Services, who has spent two decades working on photo shoots with the most renowned photographers, models, makeup artists, and hairstylists. Lazaros truly understands the transformative nature of hair and the art of styling it. That’s not to mention that she herself has one of the best cuts in the office—one that might be likened to a modern take on the iconic “shag” made famous by Hershberger herself.

Needless to say, when the two women sat down for The Barneys Podcast, “In Conversation” episode three, they had plenty to discuss. Hershberger tells Lazaros how she went from never planning to work ever to building an empire, all while being one of the only women in her field. They discussed many a memorable moment, some more intentional than others.

“One iconic cut I did do that was a mistake was Tom Cruise for Mission Impossible,” Hershberger dishes to Lazaros. “I put the wrong blade on, and it went totally like buzz…like, tight, tight, tight. And then it made it a huge trend for men who were losing their hair to shave their head.”

For more insider anecdotes, tune into “In Conversation” episode three of The Barneys Podcast.



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