R/R Studio is the result of a refocus, both personal and professional, for designer Robert Rodriguez, who took time to himself after selling his previous namesake label. This time around, Rodriguez is feeling a bit more of a laid-back ease, which is evident in the collection’s relaxed tailoring and feminine subtleties. Each piece in the collection—from lace blouses to cropped twill trousers—is elevated thanks to luxe fabrications and attention to fit, all the while remaining totally unfussy.

Below, we chat with Rodriguez about his exciting new chapter.

R/R STUDIO Rabbit Fur Top / R/R STUDIO Split-Neck Tunic / R/R STUDIO Fluid Crepe Crop Trousers / ANA KHOURI Conical-Drop Medium Earrings

The Window: Tell us about your decision to launch R/R Studio. Why now?
Robert Rodriguez: After Robert Rodriguez was acquired by Jones Group, I took some time off to take it easy, travel, and really focus on what I wanted to do next. It was the first time I was able to relax and have fun in a long time, so it was really good for me to be able to clear my mind and refocus. Through all that, I decided that if I was going to do something, I’d do it my way. I wanted to focus on a lifestyle—my lifestyle—which is very casual, easy, and never forced. I wanted to create a collection that was all about ease and fit, while remaining elevated.

R/R STUDIO Embroidered-Lace Maxi Dress / BARNEYS NEW YORK Zea Ankle-Wrap Sandals / JENNIFER FISHER Chain Link Huggie Hoops / HOORSENBUHS Phantom Cage Ring / HOORSENBUHS Dame Phantom Clique Ring
R/R STUDIO Melton Belted Coat / R/R STUDIO Embroidered-Lace-Inset Blouse / R/R STUDIO Twill Crop Trousers / COMMON PROJECTS Women’s Original Achilles Sneakers

How does it build on or depart from your previous label?
It’s all about passion for me. I love to think about what I can do better next. I grew up loving fashion and knowing from a young age that it was what I wanted to do. I also love art and illustrating, which are therapy for me. It’s all about a creative process. I don’t think this is a departure, but rather an evolution of myself as a creative person.

What are the nuances and details that elevate the pieces in the collection?
I love fabrics and textiles. For me, it starts with the fabric choice. I am passionate about fit and details, and I honestly just love beautiful things. I don’t usually work with themes, but I do like to tell stories. I’m inspired by textiles, shapes, and the functionality of garments. I also keep in mind the woman I dress.

R/R STUDIO Embroidered-Lace-Inset Blouse / R/R STUDIO Crepe Wide-Leg Pants / HOORSENBUHS Long Tri-Link Necklace / MONIQUE PÉAN Inverted Obsidian Ring
R/R STUDIO Embroidered-Lace-Inset Shift Dress / MANOLO BLAHNIK Rorita Oxfords / FERNANDO JORGE Stream Lines Loop Earrings

How do you define great style?
When I first started searching for my muse, the first person who came to mind was Caroline de Maigret. I love her understated elegance and coolness. She’s a model and a music producer—so she definitely has coolness. It’s about women who have individualistic style.

Tell us about your creative process.
I love gathering different tears of art, objects, and personalities that I love. I love nature and architecture both equally. Every time I see something that inspires me, I put it on my mood board, so it turns into a collage of things that I love. My office is very stark and white. It overlooks the L.A. skyline and buildings—it almost feels like New York sometimes. I call the office my white canvas, because it’s just a big white room. Then I have all these references that I pull, and the starkness allows me to focus on them.

R/R STUDIO Back Zip Drape-Front Coat / R/R STUDIO Embroidered-Lace-Inset Blouse / R/R STUDIO Fluid Crepe Crop Trousers / HOORSENBUHS Clique Ring / ROBERTO MARRONI Stacked Ring

Does living in L.A. influence your process?
I don’t think so. Fashion is an evolution. It changes so rapidly. When I think about fashion, I think about being current. I think that’s my biggest thing. I lived in New York for many years and went to FIT. It was a great experience for me and was really where I had my early career experiences. My heart is there. A job took me to L.A., and I didn’t think I could live here—New Yorkers never think they can live somewhere else! But I came out here thinking, let’s see what happens, and I fell in love with the city. I appreciate a bit of both coasts. I don’t think my aesthetic has changed, because I stay very true to myself. My environment is about creativity first and foremost. I think that everything you see and do inspires, which is why it’s great that I’ve lived so many places.

R/R STUDIO Split-Neck Tunic / R/R STUDIO Embroidered-Lace Skirt / ALI GRACE Rainbow Moonstone Knot Collar / JENNIFER FISHER Abstract Line Cuff
R/R STUDIO Suede Snap-Front Shirt / R/R STUDIO Suede Wide-Leg Crop Pants / HOORSENBUHS Phantom Cage Ring / HOORSENBUHS Dame Phantom Clique Ring / ALI GRACE Rainbow Moonstone Knot Collar

What can we expect next from R/R Studio?
I would love to expand on the brand, but in due time. I have a vision of where I want to take it. I also think that great things aren’t built overnight. I want to see it evolve organically, and eventually expand into other offerings—more lifestyle. Maybe even a shoe collection, bags, perhaps even a men’s collection.


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