“I’ve been wearing lipstick most of my life, and I feel kind of naked without it,” admits Linda Rodin, who recently decided it was finally time to add lipstick to her namesake line of products. “I only make things that I really use and want, so this was the logical next step for RODIN.” She decided to launch the collection with five of her favorite shades, sure to endure season to season. The nourishing, softly matte lipsticks are formulated with olio lusso, the luxury oil blend at the heart of the RODIN skincare line.

Below, Linda shares the inspiration behind each of the five dynamic colors, all of which come in beautiful clear packaging and come alive on the face.

Billie On The Bike
“I have film images that my father took of my mother in the ‘50s, and there’s one that I adore with my mom on her bike, where she’s wearing this exact color. Her name was Beatrice, but she was called Billie. This color looks good on everybody, and it’s truly one of my favorites.”

“I wanted to name it Winkie Pinkie after my dog, but I couldn’t get that name, so I just called it Winks. Hot pink has always been one of my favorite colors, because it’s so lively. I still wear it all the time.”

Tough Tomato
“I love bright orange—it brightens the face and is generally flattering. I called it Tough Tomato because that’s what I call myself! There’s nothing tough about this color though, because it’s quite glamorous—sort of Grace Kelly.”

So Mod
“I’m a ‘60s girl, of course, and we all felt so mod back then! We used to wear this nude-ish lipstick and wanted to be like Bridgette Bardot. It’s really a young, hip color.”

Red Hedy
“I named this one after Hedy Lamarr, who was a beautiful actress from the ‘30s and ‘40s who always wore a bright red lip. She was a genius and an inventor. During World War II, she invented a detector to detect Nazi torpedoes—the ultimate combo of brains and beauty.”

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