Who hasn’t dreamt at least once about leaving the city’s hustle and bustle to travel the world in search of life’s true meaning? Meet Robyn Berkley, PR mogul turned holistic wellness advisor. In December of 2011, Robyn made the dream a reality.

After 15 years at People’s Revolution, Robyn took off to Bali, learning to teach yoga and meditating on her true purpose. She eventually returned to the states and combined her passion for wellness with her PR background in Live The Process, an online wellness community for impossibly busy people.

And… drumroll please… Robyn recently launched an activewear line as part of the brand, and it’s now available at Barneys. We can’t wait to wear her beautifully constructed leggings, tanks and sports bras on our own quests for enlightenment.

We sat down with Robyn and asked her about what it means to “live the process.”

Tell us about the decision to pack up and head to Bali. What called you to that destination specifically?

Robyn Berkley: Heading to Bali was a bit of a last minute decision. A friend of mine told me she was going to take a break from work and go to Bali to do her yoga teacher training and get certified. For a while I had wanted to re-evaluate and figure out what it is I really wanted to do. I had been working like crazy at my previous job for about seven years and had no time to think and focus on my so-called purpose.

I had been practicing yoga for about ten years and had always dreamed of getting certified and deepening my practice, but who has six weeks to check out of reality? Well, after thinking long and hard, I decided to apply to the program that was limited to 20 people. I was accepted and within a few weeks I decided to give up life as I knew it and enroll. It was a momentous decision, but I needed to get perspective. Sometimes when you take a break, everything becomes clearer.

Bali’s energy is magical, and whether it was the program or the destination, both were central to this turning point in my life.

“We would do meditation at sunrise most mornings by the water, and then walk along this beach, which is near Candidasa in a small town called Jasri.”

Did you have an ah-ha moment when you realized wellness was your calling—or was it more of a gradual realization?

RB: I think wellness has always been in my DNA. Growing up, I was extremely healthy and always wanted to either work in nutrition or fashion. Well I guess I got my wish—I now work in both.

Tell us about where the name “Live The Process” comes from.

RB: At the end of my Bali trip, I knew I wanted to create a “wellness brand.” I wanted the name to incorporate process, as the definition of vinyasa flow yoga is the process of linking breath and movement. The same could be said for life. Everyone is living a different process. It is a constant evolution of where you are and where you are going.

“White Sand Beach is a bit of a secret place for us. After class, we’d there to relax and sip on fresh scooped out coconuts with a twist of lime.”

What inspired you to launch an activewear line? Has designing always been something you wanted to do?

RB: I noticed more women wearing their activewear all the time. Juice bars were beginning to open in New York City, and people were caring more about living a healthier lifestyle. It felt like the right time. Being unable to find anything that I wanted to wear for my teacher training gave me even more motivation to start a brand that fused wellness and activewear.

How does being a practitioner of yoga inform your design decisions?

RB: My design decisions reflect what I think the market is missing as well as what I want for myself. For the debut collection I wanted a palette of colors that was simple and classic. The same goes for the cuts of the pants and bra tops. I like more of a high-waisted look for style reasons as well as fit. I wanted to make the collection functional and have key technological attributes like moisture management. You can wear these pieces to the gym and then adapt them for a meeting or a night out with friends.

What words of inspiration would you give to busy New Yorkers looking for balance? What kind of helpful practices can easily be incorporated into our daily lives?

RB: For busy New Yorkers, I would tell them to give at least 30 minutes of time to yourself during the day. It doesn’t matter what you do, only that you are taking a break to focus on your personal needs and allowing yourself time to breathe and recharge. Life moves fast. It is important to live in the moment and appreciate what you have for both the positive and the negative. Nothing is perfect, but it is really about “living the process.” In addition, I believe that meditation is a key component to finding balance. It has enabled me to have clarity and be calm in difficult situations and also listen better. Lastly, I eat extremely well. Nutrition is a key component to my life as well as incorporating exercise, whether it be yoga, running, walking or Pilates.

What’s next for you and “Live The Process?”

RB: Next for me is to continue my own wellness path, which is constantly evolving. I love learning about myself and others and partaking in all-new practices—from food to fitness to life. For Live The Process, I am excited to grow the brand, expand the category of activewear and continue to create authentic and honest products.