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Meet Our June Influencer: Reid Scott

Reid Scott is not only stand out star of the show Veep, he’s also recently stepped into a new role as a first time dad. Below, he opens up about what it's like on set of the hit show, his personal style, and what he's asking for on his first Father's Day.

OK, we’ll admit it—we’re obsessed with Veep. The HBO comedy parodying the inner workings of the DC political machine always leaves us craving more, particularly when it comes to one star in particular: power-hungry Dan and the actor who portrays him, Reid Scott. We recently spoke with Scott and, with Father’s Day right around the corner, couldn’t help asking about the son he and his wife welcomed in April. Read on for a look behind the scenes of Veep, then check out Scott’s Father’s Day wish list before heading over to to compile the picks for your own perfect Father’s Day.

The Window: We’re huge Veep fans—can you give us some insight into what it’s like on set?

Reid Scott: We have a lot of fun. We improv quite a bit, so it’s really important to maintain our chemistry. We’ve become a pretty tight-knit cast and love hanging out between takes, which can be exhausting at times with so many funny people doing bits.

TW: You’ve described Dan, your character on Veep, as “a likeable asshole.” What’s it like playing a character who walks that line?

RS: Playing the jerk can be really fun. You get away with saying things that you’d never say in the real world. Although, whenever I meet a fan who says, “Wow, you’re so much nicer than your character!” I can’t tell if they’re pleasantly surprised or horribly disappointed.

TW: Congrats on being a new father! What’s been the biggest surprise so far?

RS: The biggest surprise so far is how fast you learn to do everything with one hand. I can hold my son and tie a shoe at the same time now—as long as it’s Velcro.

TW: What would your ideal first Father’s Day consist of?

RS: Sleep, coffee, pancakes, sleep, hike with the family, nap, grill some steaks, glass of wine…and then sleep.

TW: How would you describe your personal style?

RS: Classic casual. I love clothes and the way they can make you feel. My style icons have always been Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. Effortless. Rugged. Refined.

TW: Any fashion rules you live by?

RS: There’s only one rule, really. If it makes you feel good, it makes you look good. Dress for yourself. If you’re impressed, everyone else will be too.


I grew up playing a lot of chess with my Dad. And while I’ve yet to beat him (without cheating), I still love going head-to-head with the old man.
A good watch tells you a lot more than just the time—it tells you what kind of man is wearing it. This one is durable and classy. And the fact that it’s made in L.A. makes it that much cooler.
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I’m a New Balance junkie, so these had to make my list. And the fresh color scheme on the classic 1400 means they’ll be in my closet ASAP.
I travel a lot for work, so the importance of a good duffel bag has become clear. A man can get away with just a few changes of clothes for a weekend, so a bag like this is perfect.
Not everyone digs a monk strap, but if you don’t mind buckles versus laces, these shoes really stand out. The suede finish means these go great with jeans, too.
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