As creative director of Eidos, Antonio Ciongoli combines a background in Neapolitan tailoring with an American sensibility to create a modern uniform of well-made, comfortable clothes that never feel too precious. The Vermont native may be the grandson of tailors, but it’s the influence he gleans from two decades of skateboarding that has shaped his perspective the most. Antonio views style very much the way he views skating—the two share an emphasis on an elegance that stems from confidence and ease. “Part of reason why a lot of people get into skating is how it looks and how it feels,” Antonio explains with exuberance. “It’s not necessarily what you do but how you’re doing it, and for a creative, style-conscious person, that mentality really informs everything.”

“It doesn’t matter how into skating you are, once you get into, it kind of changes your eye—it makes you a more observant person. You’re constantly looking at things that were created for a purpose and trying to figure out how to repurpose them.” – Antonio Ciongoli

In addition to chatting with Blind Barber’s Paul Langevin during a beard trim and haircut, the video features Antonio skating in Astoria Skate Park with legendary skateboarder and close friend Gino Iannucci, who appeared in an Eidos campaign last season. To Antonio, Gino perfectly encapsulates the idea that style transcends genre: “He has one of the best styles of all time, and it’s a lot bigger than just skateboarding.”

Antonio Ciongoli and Gino Iannucci at Astoria Skate Park.

Antonio further cultivated a love for tailoring passed down from his grandfathers while working for brands like Ralph Lauren and Micahel Bastian. Seeking an unfussy-yet-sophisticated look he felt was lacking in the market, he came up with the idea for Eidos in 2013 and approached Naples-based Isaia with the concept, which they loved. Now Eidos is produced in Naples too, taking the best of heritage and reimagining it in a way that’s totally modern. “Certainly skating is about simplicity and being comfortable with what you’re wearing,” says Antonio. “And that’s not unlike Southern Italian tailoring, which is based around comfort and ease.” For Eidos, part of that ease means collections that get smaller each season rather than more expansive—an emphasis on the throw it on pieces that men can rely on. “It all just keeps coming back to this idea of simplicity,” says Antonio, who’s own good nature and rugged refinement is perhaps the best example of the lifestyle and ease his brand is all about.


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