One of the most creative musical minds of our times—to say nothing of a lifelong style risk-taker—Prince passed away at the age of 57, leaving the world shortchanged of potentially decades more of his music. Today, we remember him fondly and mourn the loss by turning a nostalgic eye to when he appeared life-sized in a Simon Doonan-created Barneys Christmas window in 1992.

“Prince loaned us tons of his clothes and minute disco boots for his window,” Doonan recounts in his book, Confessions of a Window Dresser. “He was made from a petite female mannequin.”

Upon hearing of his passing, Doonan further recounting the experience of working with the legendary performer. “Everyone told us it was so hard to get to Prince, and that he was very private.,” he recalled. “I found the complete opposite—he and his people were enthusiastic collaborators on our project. They sent boxes of clothes and various ideas. Our Prince window was by far most popular holiday window of 1992.Of course, we had to send back all the clothes, which was a drag because he and I were the same size. What a magnificent talent. Very sad.”

Prince’s eccentric sense of style will be missed nearly as much as his music, but we join the world today in remembering this brilliant creatively talent and in mourning his passing.