“I’m so proud and so happy!” gushes Pierre Hardy. He’s calling from his Parisian showroom to discuss the much-anticipated arrival of his bags at Barneys. While we’ve long carried his sculptural-meets-playful shoes, Fall 2017 marks the first season that his bags will also be available.

While there’s certainly a correlation among all his thoughtfully designed accessories, he considers each a totally different job. “I try to keep some characteristics of design—the graphic elements. But the purpose is where the approach is very different. The relationship between a bag and a woman and her body is very specific,” explains Hardy. “You touch it all the time—open and closing, wearing it against your body. It’s tactile, and a visible part of your silhouette. With shoes, you look at them, put them on, and walk in them. Meanwhile, you touch your bag nonstop all day long.”

When it comes to inspiration, Hardy notes that his first impression of handbags dates back to his mother. “They always represented this air of femininity—it was where she put the things she wanted to hide or surprise you with—it was like a secret box of personal, intimate things.” Through his thoughtful designs, he’s able to translate both that sense excitement and intimacy.

For Fall 2017, the standout must-haves include the structural, buttery soft Alpha and Alphaville, as well as the playful Penny bucket bag. While some are available in a standout shade of red, he has also included unexpected color combos that he describes as “a little random and not too matchy matchy.”


PIERRE HARDY Alpha Plus Shoulder Bag / PIERRE HARDY Alphaville Shoulder Bag

“I asked myself—what would a Pierre Hardy bag look like, and I made a drawing on paper and blew it up. The Alpha was born. Each line of drawing became the binding—I was playing with the idea of making it as simple as possible. Then, the Alphaville stems from the similar design but is more simple, casual, and soft.”

PIERRE HARDY Penny Bucket Bag

“This bag is joyful, with its colors and the wavy lines, and it’s become a bestseller. So we redid it for winter in a fun palate.”

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