Pictured: Wooden Palate cutting board, 1882 LTD. pitcher, and Pigment France salt and pepper mills.

After a winter that seemed to last for-e-ver, we’ve welcomed picnic season with open arms. Every clear-skied day is an excuse to spread out a blanket, pour some rosé, and whip up our favorite al fresco fare—summer has arrived!

From bohemian on the beach to rural retreats upstate, we asked our team to paint us their fantasy picnic landscapes. Fingers crossed for an invite to the fabulous parties below.

Mark Lee Barneys CEO Our Team

“When I imagine my perfect picnic, it’s done in neutrals. I love Armand Diradourian’s striped throw and geometric pillows paired with Mark Newson’s whisky glasses.” -Mark Lee

*                 *                 *

Tomoko Ogura Our Team Picnic

“I had a perfect picnic with my family last summer at Taylor Shellfish Farms on the Puget Sound in Washington. The sun, the sea breeze, and the coastal view made for a beautiful atmosphere. We ate fresh oysters right from the farm, accompanied by a chilled Californian chardonnay from Medlock Ames.” -Tomoko Ogura

*                 *                 *

Tom Kalenderian Barneys Our Team

“My picnic setting wouldn’t be complete without gorgeous cushions from Madeline Weinrib. Madeline has unerring good taste and knows how to suggest chic, easy fabrics that are just right.” -Tom Kalenderian

*                 *                 *

Molly Nutter Our Team Picnic

“My husband and I set up a long table with chairs in the small meadow behind our house upstate and invite over some friends and family. Between our CSA, local farms, nearby co-op, and our garden, we’re all set with food. My brother is a master of acoustic renditions  of The Smiths and Radiohead songs (with vocals!), so he’s always enlisted as entertainment. For the table, I keep things simple with bamboo utensils and a Utopia & Utility Stacking Vessel for holding water for the table.” -Molly Nutter

*                 *                 *

Simon Doonan Barneys Our Team

“I am all about a hippie/bohemian picnic: sitars being strummed while blokes in caftans dole out hummus and couscous, guests sprawled on Afghan rugs, Turkish pillows, poufs, peace, love, and Shirley Temples. (Sorry, but I dont drink.)” -Simon Doonan

*                 *                 *

Tracy Edwards Barneys Our Team

“My dream picnic takes place in a garden designed by Piet Oudolf. I’d cover the ground with vintage quilts and plush pillows and have live music by Ben Harper. Delicious Champagne would be served in stemless flutes alongside homemade potato chips, caviar deviled eggs, fried chicken, and gelato for dessert.” -Tracy Edwards

*                 *                 *

Matther Woolsey Our Team Picnic

“My ideal picnic is at my family home in Sonoma County, eating local cheeses from West Marin—served on Georg Jensen, naturally.” -Matthew Woolsey

*                 *                 *

Charlotte Blechman Barneys Our Team

“Here’s my perfect picnic scenario: my husband and me on a huge blanket on the beach with bottles of ice cold rosé, Freds chocolate-covered pretzels, anything from Round Swamp Farm in the Hamptons, and a game of backgammon!” -Charlotte Blechman

*                 *                 *

Dennis Freedman Our Team Picnic

“My ideal picnic is a poolside brunch surrounded by amazing friends and my dog Jake. I’d serve my special homemade blueberry pancakes made with yogurt.” -Dennis Freedman