Phillip Picardi’s rise in media has been epic. Though he’s been in the industry less than a decade, his innovative perspective has already made a major impact. At Teen Vogue, he changed the way magazines talk to young audiences, engaging them on subjects like reproductive rights and identity politics. And last year, with the support of Anna Wintour, he helped launch Them, Condé Nast’s platform for queer youth.

On episode six of The Barneys Podcast, Picardi sits down with Barneys Director of Creative Services Will Higdon-Sudow to discuss the milestones that defined his career—from his “Carrie Bradshaw moment” discovering Vogue for the first time at a Barnes & Noble to crying tears of joy alone in a Condé Nast bathroom stall.

Plus, stay tuned: Next week we will launch a very exciting campaign in partnership with The Center, home of NYC’s LGBTQ community. The give-back social project features personalities including Picardi, each sharing what Pride means to them. To all of our readers and listeners, happy Pride this month and every single day!



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