Let’s start this week off on an academic note with a lesson in vocabulary: apotropaic, “designed to avert evil,” as defined by Merriam-Webster. It’s not a word you hear often, but it’s a term we might ascribe to the jewelry of NYC-based designer Pamela Love.

Pentagrams, crosses, serpents, hearts and arrowheads are just a few of the recurring symbols found in her eponymous collection. These are forms that have been imbued with meaning (usually protective) by umpteen cultures over the years. The American Southwest, India, Africa and Mexico are just a few of the places that have inspired Pamela’s jewelry, though it’s all made by hand here in New York.

You can get a sense of the global sensibility of the Pamela Love girl from the animated drawing below, composed by Pamela’s husband, illustrator Matthew Nelson. Like what you see? The moving pieces (globe aside—sorry!) can all be found on Barneys.com. And to learn more about how this husband-wife collaboration came about, check out our video, shot at Pamela and Matthew’s Brooklyn home.