Now trending: 18th-century chateaus, elevated off-duty style, too-cute toddlers, and wanderlust-inducing landscapes—that is, according to the Instagram feeds of the tech-savvy Barneys team. We asked them to share their favorite follow-worthy accounts, and they more than delivered.

From artists and designers to photographers and Photoshop enthusiasts (who wouldn’t want to see British rock legend Ian Curtis juxtaposed with delectable donuts?), the 27 ‘grammers below have captured Barneys’ collective imagination. Ready your thumbs to click ‘follow.’


Simon Doonan
Creative Ambassador At Large

1. “@mileycyrus is bizarre and very creative, with lots of purple unicorns and pepperoni pizza.”
2. “@derekblasberg leads such a glam life. I can live vicariously through his jet-setting Instas.”
3. “@tabithasimmons does a great job—always intriguing and beautifully shot.”


Sonya Benson
Barneys New York Personal Shopper

1. “Follow @badgalriri. Because, who doesn’t?”
2. “@wonderful_places photographs the most beautiful destinations in the world. For someone who has been to France a million times, you can find a spot you never knew existed and make the experience something totally new.”
3. “@jfisherjewelry is so creative. The photos visually make me stop and inspect each fashionable piece.”


Erica Choi
Digital Art Director

1.”With a beautiful, whimsical, and compelling mix of various inspirations, @stellamccartney represents the true Stella girl.”
2. “@acnestudios is a destination for Swedish modern luxe with a fine curation of photography, art, architecture, and contemporary culture.”
3. “@parisinfourmonths: Think dreamy, vibrant photos of Parisian life and abroad. I live vicariously through Carin as she stirs wanderlust tendencies in me.”


Ashley Calandra
Senior Director of Public Relations

1. “I count my lucky stars every day that the boys from Public School ventured into womenswear, because that means I no longer have to shop in the menswear department. @publicschoolnyc is equally as cool as all of its collections.”
2. “@wellandgoodnyc is basically the Vogue of the health and wellness world. From chic workout wear (hello, Live the Process) and the best new workouts to healthy food trends, I’m totally obsessed with the way that they cover everything.”
3. “I am absolutely in love with all things Sidney Garber. If I had my way, I would wear a new piece every single day! Until then, I’ll just settle for getting my daily fix on @sidneygarber.”


Jay Bell
VP/DMM Designer and Contemporary, Men’s

1. “@wildlifepress: Just because…”
2. “With a myriad of tastemakers to follow, I zero in on a few who define the current point of view—one being Bill Mullen, who has styled and continues to style some of the most iconic fashion campaigns—@billmulleninc, see?”
3. “I enjoy following @momaps1 just to keep abreast of any local art exhibitions and events I may have otherwise missed.”


Matthew Woolsey
EVP, Digital

1. “@humzadeas is an urban explorer who takes breathtaking photos of unexpected, unimaginable New York City views.”
2. “@chateaugudanes is the story of a couple restoring an epic (yet decrepit) chateau in the Midi-Pyrénées. Full of repairs, romance, hidden chambers, and the occasional horse inside the house.”
3. “@kevinruss takes landscape photography of the open country in the American and Mexican West, which makes me nostalgic for the adventures of my childhood.”


Molly Nutter
VP/DMM Developing Designer RTW, Women’s

1. “Tomoko’s niece Sevi—@littesevi. If you’ve seen one of the latest Barneys Instagram posts with her pictured, you’ll see why.”
2. “Erdem is an old friend (I was his first buyer at Barneys), and @erdemlondon lets me keep up with him in between visits.”
3. “We’ve constantly got our eye on Raquel (she’s also a Barneys alumn) and @raquelallegrastudio gives us a glimpse into what inspires her.”


Tommy Dobrzynski
VP, Visuals

1. @barenalab: “A youthful Sam Waterston walking along a beach in Maine via Northern Italy? Yes, I would like to be that guy.”
2. “At the intersection between Stephen Hawking and Mark Gonzales is Benjamin Sturgill. @everythingmag—CRASH!”
3. “Combining my love for Morrissey and hot dogs, it does not get better than @iancurtisishungry.”


Marissa Rosenblum
Editorial Director, The Window

150122_instagram_picks(1)150122_instagram_picks_extra(2)Catie New Instagram Image
1. “Yves Spinelli, designer of the architectural and innovative jewelry collection Spinelli Kilcollin, posts photos of his beautiful designs and most recently, his Dad Antoine’s artwork on @spinellikilcollin.”
2. “Sometimes the images on Sophia Macks’ Insta-feed @beyondthemag are optical illusions that are so graphic they’re almost hard to look at—in a good way. They’re the type of playful, highly stylized visuals that surprise and delight.”
3. “I met Australian photographer Pierre Toussaint while covering Sydney fashion week last season. Following @pierretoussaint reminds me of my trip, plus, he always manages to be shooting gorgeous people half-dressed somewhere sunny, so looking at his photos is like taking a little mini vacation from my desk in NYC.”

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