Josh Lieberman
Executive Vice President, Digital

“Ever since I can remember, I cooked latkes for Hanukkah with my brother and father.  We never follow a recipe, but we always make them the same way using the same cast iron pan.  Despite always opening every single window in our home, the smell of fried potatoes lingers on for about a week, which I consider a minor holiday miracle in itself.”

holiday traditions
Latke photo courtesy of Serious Eats


Erica Choi
Art Director

“For New Year’s weekend, the husband and I usually take a trip upstate to take a breather from the city and start the new year with a quiet moment. We try to book a room or house with a hot tub outside—it feels so good when it’s especially freezing (or even snowing!). It’s also a meaningful metaphor in Korean culture to clean your body for the New year so as to start anew.”

holiday traditions


Sarah Blair
SVP, DMM Women’s Accessories and Shoes

Chumley’s warm ambiance, with its sawdust floors and literary legacy, was always a favorite holiday destination to grab a hot toddy.  I’m looking forward to this historic speakeasy’s second act and glad it wasn’t ‘eighty-sixed.’  Their homemade pretzels are a must.”

holiday traditions
Photo courtesy of Chumley’s


Simon Doonan
Creative Ambassador

“Since I married into a Jewish family, I have come to love Hanukkah. The symbolism and candle-lighting makes for a fascinating ritual. I also appreciate that menorahs can be so varied in design. You can own several and they can all be different.”holiday traditions


Eddie Leida
VP, Design Director

“My holiday tradition is to order a spiral sliced ham from the legendary HoneyBaked Ham company. I fell in love with the smokey, sweet flavor thirty years ago and have placed orders ever since. The ham arrives at your door fully cooked—just let it come to room temperature, place on a platter. and serve. It’s a real crowd pleaser!”

holiday traditions
Photo courtesy of HoneyBaked Ham


Melissa Gallagher
SVP/DMM, Men’s Footwear, Accessories, and Home

“I don’t have any family in New York, so my friends are my family, and every Christmas Eve I go to dinner with them. While the group varies from year to year, it’s always a dress up occasion with champagne involved. This year, I plan to carry along my new Delvaux Tempete Mini Satchel to make the occasion that much more festive. Great food, great friends, cold champagne, and a great bag make for the perfect holiday!”

holiday traditions
DELVAUX Tempete Mini-Satchel


Taylor Piedra
Manager, Concierge Services

“I’ve never had turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas—never, not once. My mother thought the bird not fit for the table so our bird was always the noble capon, that sublimely fattened rooster known for the quality of the meat. Holiday after holiday, the bird served four; dinner, midnight snacks, and sandwiches. One year though, Mom—surprisingly—became tired of that culinary tradition and the bird was out. The stuffing, the basting, the drippings were gone, only to be replaced by a giant crown rack of lamb complete with manchettes! Got to love my mom!”

holiday traditions
Photo courtesy of Lena’s Cuisine


Benjamin Jackson
Managing Editor, The Window

“So, this hasn’t been a tradition for me, but it’s going to become one! Our digital editorial team had an outing to meet up with Popup Florist at The Elk in the West Village for a class in wreath-making. It was so much fun and everyone’s wreaths turned out so beautifully that it’s inspired me to want to make something crafty every year from here on out.”


Mark Strausman
Executive Chef, Freds at Barneys New York

“The holidays at my house are all about making latkes for Hanukkah. When my kids and their cousins were little, they’d always burn their tongues because they couldn’t wait for them to cool off before eating them, and really, none of us have gotten wiser about that. We make them in Freds all during the holiday season, and my latke recipe is in the new Barneys book.”

holiday traditions
RIZZOLI Barneys New York


Jennifer Miles
VP/DMM Cosmetics

“On Christmas Eve, our very close friends come over and we make tons of cookies with all of the kids while we watch Christmas movies.  We let the kids be creative with recipes and always make at least five different kinds. Each of our kids gets to pack up a special cookie care package and a special note to leave out for Santa. After that, we jump in the car and drive around looking at lights. I always did this with my family when I was young, and I am so happy that we are able to keep up the tradition.”



Jennie Baek
Celine DSA, Barneys Beverly Hills

“It’s a Korean New Year’s tradition to bow down to your elders and wish them a happy New Year. We say in Korean, ‘Saehae bok mani badeuseyo,’ which translates to, ‘Please receive good fortune for the New Year.’ The elders give the children money in exchange. It’s a really lovely tradition and a sign of respect. When I was young, it was always exciting to get money to start of the New Year, and now I do it for my nieces and nephews.”




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