Freds is open for lunch, dinner, and cocktails daily with brunch on weekends. Catering is also available. To make a reservation to order these delicious dishes and to view the full menu from our locations click here.

 Join us to celebrate La Dine and New Restaurant Week too at Freds Beverly Hills from July 18-28th and Freds Downtown from July 24th-August 18th.

Jewish Boy from Queens


“That is me! The name of this dish reminds me of when my mother and I got my Bar Mitzvah suit at Barneys.” –Mark Strausman, Executive Chef

Local Artisan Grilled Cheese


“I don’t think I’ve ever had a grilled cheese I didn’t love, but Chef Strausman’s is in a league of its own. The mustard and bacon perfectly complement the artisan cheeses for melt-in-your mouth goodness.” -Josh Lieberman, EVP Digital

Palm Beach Shrimp Salad


“All salads at Freds use the freshest, crispiest blend of greens, but the Palm Beach salad is my number one go-to. The grilled shrimp, avocado, hearts of palm, and Green Goddess dressing makes it stand above the rest.” –Tomm Miller, SVP, Communications and Marketing

Robiola with Truffle Oil


“I cannot have lunch or dinner at Fred’s without having an order of this for the table. Whenever I am with someone who tries it for the first time, they instantly become addicted and often times another order needs to be placed because the first one goes so fast.” –Melissa Gallagher, SVP/DMM Men’s and Home

Downtown Cheeseburger Deluxe


“This burger is a great way to indulge in style. I love ordering it during Freds Downtown’s ‘FryDay at Freds’—an evening $10 drink special that comes with complimentary fries [available Monday-Saturday from 4-7PM and Sunday 3:30-5:30PM]. Such a good deal makes my burger that much better.” –Paul Stephan, Senior Manager of Marketing

Freds Summer Salad


“When you share the same name as one of the ingredients in a salad, there is no doubt I wouldn’t get it! The Summer Salad with Bibb lettuce is seasonal and refreshing. It’s a perfect plate of greenery for a late lunch.” –Hannah Bibb, Assistant Fashion Director

Grilled Hen of the Wood Mushrooms


“This appetizer is my favorite way to start a meal at Freds—along with a glass of Sancerre, of course. I love the layers of sweet, salty, and spicy flavors, and it’s almost enough to skip the entrée—almost.” –Vanessa Montenegro, Senior Director, Special Events and Philanthropy

Eggs Benedict


“My go-to brunch dish is eggs benedict, and I never fail to try it on the menu when I see it at a restaurant! Freds’ unique take on it with crab cake is absolutely scrumptious, especially with the perfectly roasted potatoes on the side.” –Erica Choi, Digital Art Director

Margherita Pizza


“There are so many great things that I consider favorites on the menu at Freds—but if I can only choose one, I would say my go-to meal is the Margherita Pizza.  The simplicity of the recipe, and the amazing taste of the final pie always is top notch and worth the trip!” –Mark Mitsukawa, Regional Vice President

Spring Carrot Tortelloni


“I love the Spring Carrot Tortellini. I am usually a carnivore, but the combination of the silky pasta and delectable filling packs a punch with every delicious bite. I’m not sure how they get it so airy and light, but what I do know is that I am already planning my next visit to Fred’s Downtown before my meal is even over.” –Lauren Kim, VP Merchandise Planning & Restaurant Operations

Avocado Toast


The difference between this particular version and all the others is in the bread. There is a sweetness to it that really makes the flavors pop.” –Michael King, Senior Director, Public Relations & Special Projects



“This dish is pure comfort food and is the best. My favorite rendition is the one pictured here—cooked with prosciutto, peas, and saffron.” -Loraine Ng, Freds Manager

Belgian Pommes Frites


“Piping hot on the inside and deliciously crispy on the outside, the Freds fries, which come with three different dips, practically sell themselves. Trust me, once I tried these I knew that perfect fries do exist.” –Candace Stewart, Social Media Manager/ Editor

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