There’s always a lot to thank dad for, and with Father’s Day approaching on June 19th, why not treat him to something that’s both unique and stylish? Because finding the perfect gift can be tough, our men’s team shares 10 ideas for any type of dad, including items they’ll be buying for their own. Show appreciation to your one-of-a-kind guy, and read on for a bit of gifting inspiration.


Tom Kalendarian, EVP/GMM Men’s & Chelsea Passage

Father's Day Gifts
GINGER BROWN Shagreen Backgammon Box

“Treat dad like a king for the day. There’s no better gift than backgammon, which is the oldest game known, having been popularized by Roman and Byzantine emperors.”

Jonathan Rich, Buyer, Men’s Designer and Fine Accessories

Father's Day Gifts
WEISS Limited Issue Field Watch

Weiss is striving to bring prestige back to American watch-making and has created the perfect weekend watch. Limited to 200 individually numbered pieces, this is a great gift for any dad who is a watch enthusiast.”

Chelsea Sutrisno, Associate Buyer, Men’s Denim and Denim Collection

Father's Day Gifts
FRAME L’Homme Jeans

“When you think of jeans for fathers, the ill-fitting and dated “dad-jeans” may come to mind. But don’t forget that all dads were once young and stylish too! This Frame jean is simple, has the perfect light blue wash, and is comfortably slim—a perfect option for the modern dad.”

Julien Decanali, Buyer, Men’s Designer Collections

Father's Day Gifts
BELSTAFF The Roadmaster Jacket

“My father is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and collector, and the Roadmaster is the quintessential moto jacket from an authentic heritage luxury motorcycle company. It’s a timeless piece that’s been around decades and still looks great on any guy. I’m sure any father would be happy to receive it and put it to use on an old motorcycle.”

Nick McClish, Buyer, Men’s Dress Furnishings & Luxury Sportswear

Father's Day Gifts

“Quality, elegance, and longevity—these are the elements I look for when coming up with the perfect gift for my dad.  So when I stumbled upon Napoleanerba, I knew I had found what I was looking for. Founded in 1850, the brand’s passion for elegance and timeless style leads to a truly exceptional product, which is perfectly reflected in the simplicity of this polo.”

Charlston Ang, Senior Buyer, Mens Tailored Clothing

Father's Day Gifts
NATIVE UNION Portable Switch Speaker

“This is a great Father’s Day gift for any father, including myself, as more and more of us travel for work and leisure. Portable and light, the speakers would remind me of my kids and family during my trips. They are also great for weekends hanging on the beach or poolside.”

Drew Caldwell, Senior Buyer, Men’s Developing Designer Collections

Father's Day Gifts
MASSIMO ALBA Melton Sweater

“This classic cashmere sweater from Massimo Alba is a simple and timeless—a great staple for any man’s wardrobe.”

Melissa Gallagher, SVP/DMM Men’s Footwear, Accessories, and Home

Father's DaY Gifts
ANNA NEW YORK Fim Bookends

“My father is a writer and book fiend! I love these bookends for him so he can put them to use holding his collections in his office. They are contemporary and go with almost any décor.”

John Totolis, VP/DMM, Men’s Tailored Clothing, Furnishings, & Childrens

Father's Day Gifts

“This tie can be dressed up or worn a bit more casually when paired with a chambray dress shirt.”

Christopher Pepe, Senior Buyer, Men’s Footwear

Father's Day Gifts
THE ART OF SHAVING Full Size Kit Unscented Ridgid Box

“A shaving kit may seem a bit cliché when it comes to gifts for dads, but a fond memory from when I was a child was watching my dad shave. He had an ‘old school’ ceramic cup with soap and a brush that he would use, and I always thought it was really cool. I think a lot of fathers and sons have that bonding moment when you’re first learning to shave. I still remember it, and I’m sure this gift will bring back the same memories for others.”


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