Photographs by Lisa Dengler.

In the quickly expanding world of menswear bloggers, there are a few who stand out. Meet fashion whiz Marcel Floruss of One Dapper Street. The Fashion Institute of Technology student models, writes, edits, and…he dances. Needless to say, he certainly puts the dapper in “Dapper Street.” Floruss is a sharp dresser who favors a classic look with a bit of an edge, pulling off a tailored suit with the same ease as a muscle tee and rolled-up jeans. And who are we kidding? He layers like a champ.

We caught up with the stylish multitasker to hear about his admiration for Thom Browne and his favorite color of the season.

What inspired you to start the blog?
I love social media, photography, and—most obviously—fashion; that combined with meeting my girlfriend, Lisa Dengler (who already had a blog called Just Another Fashion Blog), definitely moved me to think about creating something on my own. I combined all these things to create One Dapper Street, which is supposed to inspire people to dress their best and to share their passion.

How would you describe your personal aesthetic?
My style ranges from dapper and sophisticated to grunge and street looks. Fashion never ceases to change, and I aim for the same with my style. In one word, it’s diverse.


What is the best advice you have ever received?
“Embrace change.” I’ve heard it from many people along the way, but it was initially my mom who made me realize that new things always bring the potential of something better and exciting. So many people are afraid of change, but I believe, especially in the fashion industry…change puts you at a great advantage. This might be why I’m in the industry; it’s fast-paced and always changing.

What three items should every man have in his wardrobe this summer?
White, slim-fitting cropped trousers, white sneakers like Common Projects‘, and a white linen shirt. For me, it’s all about white this season.

If you could lunch with any Barneys New York designer, who would it be?
Thom Browne. His work is absolutely fascinating. No one tweaks traditional menswear quite like he does. I’d probably take him to Galli in SoHo, which has fantastic food and an amazing atmosphere, and ask him about the best advice he ever got, what he thinks is going to happen with the digital world (especially bloggers), and about who he looks up to. It’s going to be a long lunch, that’s for sure.

If you were accidentally locked in Barneys New York overnight, what would we find you wearing in the morning?
I’d be wearing classic Alden brogues, slim tailored Margiela pants, and a sleek Acne sweater under a plaid Cucinelli blazer. I’d accessorize with a brown Uniform Wares watch, and finish it off with a nice scent from Zegna: Haitian Vetiver.