Unlike some whose calling is clear from birth, Yves Spinelli took a circuitous route to finding his passion and becoming a jewelry designer. Growing up on the beaches of Hawaii as the son of hairstylists—his father introduced him to the fashion world by working alongside the likes of Paul Mitchell—Spinelli’s first love was rock music. “I played guitar since I was a kid and worked for a time as a recording engineer in the music industry,” Spinelli told us. But a stint working in fashion retail sent him on a different path, one that fortunately his landed his signature pieces here at Barneys. “While I changed direction, music has invariably influenced my creative space, and I still play in a band.”

Spinelli’s namesake line, Spinelli Kilcollin, flew to the top of the fashion heap when his most iconic styles, the galaxy rings, started popping up in such lofty settings as the offices of Vogue. Stacked sets of precious metal and delicate diamond pavé bands—each named for a constellation—can be piled up on one finger or worn across multiple. Slip one on and it’s clear why they’ve become the jewels du jour: a mix of textures and gauges means these pieces are highly versatile—a perfectly modern mix of tough and tender and a supremely chic wearable diversion to be worn differently each day, or hey, each hour.

Spinelli Kilcollin 2

But he’s no one trick pony. Spinelli Kilcollin’s other themes are just as streamlined and modern, with pieces like cuffs and necklaces made from hand-wrought sterling silver. This fall, Spinelli will also introduce a collection of chains—which just happen to be exclusive to Barneys!—made of circles in the same color and metal mixes his label has become known for. “I’m really excited about the chains and doing some exclusive styles,” he said. “There’s no limit to what kind of pieces we can create.”

Check out the video about for an inside look at the making of these gorgeous and versatile pieces before heading over to Barneys to check them out for yourself.

Spinelli Kilcollin 1


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