While on a recent market trip to Seoul, South Korea, with Barneys’ Chief Merchandizing Officer Jennifer Sunwoo, we happened to read an article on Vogue where the editor was talking about this incredible product that was the latest discovery out of the Korean beauty—or K-Beauty—market. Since we were already in Seoul, we quickly reached out to the brand to set up a meeting, and my skin has never been the same since. That brand was Vitabrid C12.

Leah Kim, Executive Vice President and General Merchandise Manager, Women’s

Before I go into details about why I personally love this product, you need to know a little bit about vitamin C. It’s been known for a long time that, as an ingredient in beauty products, it can both fight skin-damaging free radicals and help in collagen production to erase fine lines and wrinkles. But the thing is, vitamin C is a very volatile, unstable substance. Whenever it touches any type of surface, gets exposed to the sun, or comes in contact with liquid, it can very quickly lose its potency. So getting it stable enough to maintain its effectiveness when it’s mixed into a product can be a real challenge.

What’s incredible and so different about Vitabrid C12 is that they’ve created this mechanism that protects the vitamin C and stabilizes it to be released into your skin or hair over the course of 12 hours without destroying the benefits of it. The vitamin C is layered between minerals that protect it and release it slowly so it can sink through the layers or your skin or scalp. The company that created the product is actually a technology firm, not a cosmetics company, and they own the patent for this delivery technology.

vitabrid c12
VITABRID C¹² Vitabrid C¹² FACE Brightening Powder

Another key piece of background that I became aware of while I was in Korea was that Korean women have truly beautiful skin—more than makeup or anything else, the focus is on taking care of their skin. They’re exceptionally discerning when it comes to their beauty products, so anything they use has to be really outstanding. That’s why there’s so much happening in K-Beauty right now and why people in the States are beginning to discover it.

OK, so back to that fateful meeting. We met with the scientist who actually developed the stabilizing vitamin C delivery system and were fascinated the research that went into the product. First, Vitabrid’s vitamin C formula is a powder rather than a liquid. Not only does this help maintain its potency, but it also means that you can incorporate the powder into your daily routine by mixing it with your moisturizer, your serum, or any other product that you already use. You don’t have to change anything!

Women like me are so attached to their regimes, we already know what products work for us, so this was an easy add-on to my daily routine. I was shocked that I could still keep using all my lotions and serums. There’s no texture, there’s no color, there’s no odor—it just dissolves instantly when you mix it with another product. You use it twice a day, because it’s a 12-hour delivery system, so once in the morning and once before bed.

vitabrid c12
VITABRID C¹² Vitabrid C¹² HAIR Tonic Professional Set

I was so enthusiastic after our meeting that I started using the FACE Powder right away, while I was still in Korea. By the time I came home, people pretty much immediately started commenting on my skin—how radiant and glowing it looked. And it was something I could feel. It felt like my skin was clearing up and some of my blemishes from sun damage were going away. That’s when I really noticed the effects and that the results were real. It wasn’t just hype. The overall effect was that my skin was brighter and it reduced visible lines—I’ve definitely lost wrinkles! It’s made a huge difference in the overall health of my skin.

Jennifer, perhaps a bit more reticent, didn’t start using the products until she started seeing the effect it was having for me. She has a very different skin tone than I do. She has a very delicate, fair complexion, whereas mine’s a bit darker and I’m always in the sun. But it wasn’t long before she started to agree that it’s a truly amazing product and that it works for all skin types.

vitabrid c12
VITABRID C¹² Vitabrid C¹² HAIR Tonic Scalp Relief Set / VITABRID C¹² Vitabrid C¹² Scalp Shampoo / VITABRID C¹² Vitabrid C¹² FACE Brightening Powder / VITABRID C¹² Vitabrid C¹² SPOT Powder

Even beyond the amazing skincare, Vitabrid C12 is perhaps even more renowned for their haircare products, which are designed to regenerate hair growth. I’ll admit that thinning hair isn’t a problem of mine and I haven’t used the hair products personally, but I did give it to a friend of mine who has that concern. He hasn’t yet been using it as long as they recommend in order to see results, but in the short time he’s been trying it—about two months—he’s already seen improvement as far as new growth and fullness. As part of our presentation in Seoul, we also saw before-and-after shots of the CEO of Vitabrid himself, and you see such a drastic difference in terms of the amount of hair he has from using the products—it’s phenomenal.

vitabrid c12
VITABRID C¹² Vitabrid C¹² HAIR Tonic Scalp Relief Set

Through our partnership with Vitabrid C12, this is the very first time these products have been available in the United States, and I think the response is going to be explosive! Every time someone tells me that my skin looks amazing and asks what I’ve been doing, I tell them about the product—it’s really exciting to introduce a product I believe in through personal use. Even though they’re brand new, I know that these are products with longevity and that people will come back for more once they see the results.


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