As part of our new Consicous Beauty curation, nutricosmetics deliver transformative nutrition and beauty benefits from within. To support your health and wellness goals, we’re incorporating those great ingestible supplements into special menus at Freds Downtown and Genes Café. Developed in partnership with Moon Juice, the menu blends the brand’s plant-based, herbal dusts into creative desserts, drinks, and juices. These dishes support cognitive flow, provide skin and hair benefits, and aim to reduce stress levels with each sip and bite.

Freds Downtown is offering meals and drinks including the Pretty Parfait, Beauty Tonic, and Conscious Cocktail, which all provide beauty benefits by using Moon Juice Beauty Dust® as an ingredient. Menu highlights also include the Toast with the Most, a French toast made with energy-boosting Power Dust®, and the Cup Of Cool chia-seed blend that is topped with Spirit Dust® to combat stress.

The Genes Café menu is serving up drinks and snacks including the vegan After-Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie and the decadent Brownie with Benefits, which both incorporate Moon Juice’s Sex Dust®. The Brain Booster iced coffee mixes in Brain Dust®, of course, and there are various juice options blending fresh fruits and vegetables with the super-herbs. Discover the innovative Conscious Beauty dishes here and then order one for yourself at these New York City locations. 

101 7th Avenue 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10011

660 Madison Avenue 8th Floor
New York, NY 10065



Toast with the Most

The Pretty Parfait and Cup of Cool

Pouring the Conscious Cocktail.

The Conscious Cocktail and Beauty Tonic are both made with Moon Juice Beauty Dust® at Freds Downtown.

The Peace of Parfait at Genes.

The Brownie with Benefits is served with olive oil, rosemary, and whipped cream.

The Brain Booster iced coffee on left and the Pretty and Pink cocktail on right.

The After-Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie

A peek at the Genes menu.

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