Photo: Courtesy of NSF. Pictured: NSF plaid destroyed flannel shirt.

The Los Angles-based label NSF brings California’s air of casual cool to life with its line of worn-in flannels, slouchy knits, and distressed jeans.

Founded in 2005 by Nick Friedberg, the brand and its relaxed, roughhewn aesthetic quickly caught the eye of denim enthusiasts. And with the addition of creative director Jamie Haller in 2011, NSF became what it is today: an accessible yet edgy collection of everyday clothing.

It should come as no surprise that the brand’s laid-back vibe is reflected in its downtown headquarters, as you’ll see in the video above. The lofty studio is full of furniture Friedberg designed himself, samples from collections past, present, and future, and plenty of SoCal sunshine. We stopped by for the full tour and a chat with Jamie and Nick to hear more about their process.