With last names including Penn, Elgort, and Marley, it’s hard to ignore the fact that this group of young men come from legendary lineages of creatives. But with their dynamic mix of brooding looks and visionary pursuits that include art, film directing, and music, they’re carving a path all their own. Meet Skylar Penn, grandson of Irving Penn; Liam Daniels, son of Precious director Lee Daniels; Arthur Elgort’s son Warren Elgort; Zion Marley, son of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley (Bob Marley’s son); and Camilla Nickerson and Neville Wakefield’s son Jackson Wakefield.


“Right now I’m busy painting, sculpting, and falling in love. I’m especially interested in Viennese Actionism at the moment.”

“As a young model, life for me at the moment is about maintaining stability and pushing hard to achieve to my goals. I’m also focusing on film and production. And as a young American male, I feel most connected to political and justice reform. I want to see in my lifetime better political and justice systems that serves all people non-discriminatory of their race, religion or sexual orientation. Its sad to believe that in 2018 we are still fighting for the same things my ancestors were fighting for. But this movement, motivates me to be better for those that aren’t able to live freely and do what I can to help people less fortunate than me.”

“Right now, I’m going to acting classes, directing films, and taking photos. One day I hope to direct a feature film.”

“I model, but I also go to school and run track. Lately, I’ve been really focused on the issue of gun control. I participated in the April 20th walk out from school.”

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