Chloé and Maud Arnold use the artistry of dance to transport audiences into a space that is focused on the creativity behind all things tap, and they do so while embracing both their femininity and African American heritage. After studying film at Columbia University, the sisters wanted to turn their love of tap dance into a career that would make a difference in their community. This desire prompted Chloé to found Syncopated Ladies—the sisters’ all-female tap crew—which has placed both her and Maud’s skilled footwork on the map. In the process, the group has also brought them to the attention of renowned artists like Beyoncé.


Throughout their career, the Arnolds’ fresh take on tap has captivated audiences across the globe and has given them the opportunity to visit over 30 countries while performing their striking routines. However, Chloé explains, their most profound moment took place when Beyoncé not only shared their video across her social platforms, but also invited them to perform with her live in London. “That experience was life-changing for all of the Syncopated Ladies. It was a dream come true,” Chloé says. “To receive recognition from a woman who has inspired us to create boldly, imagine limitlessly, and embrace our female force—that was the most incredible feeling.”


The sisters’ unique and impressive choreography has led to impactful collaborations with the likes of Nike and Good Morning America, not to mention Barneys. The duo also recently a Neflix documentary, Tap World. Whether producing their annual DC Tap Festival or hosting their free after-school dance program for inner city children—which they do along with their sisters in dance, Anissa Lee, Assata Madison, and Orialis’ Ashley—they continue to create bold moves, both on the dance floor and off. And by the looks of things, this is only the beginning.

In honor of National Tap Dance Day, watch above as Maud and Chloé lead Syncopated Ladies in a routine that’s infused with their signature blend of strength and sisterhood.

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