Photographed by Peter Morehand.


Miss LadyfingerWith the launch of Phillip Lim’s jewel-toned palette of nail polish perfection for NARS, we called on our friend Taryn Multack, the talented nail artist behind Miss Ladyfinger. Knowing that Multack has a special knack for spotting the catwalk’s biggest trends and translating their style-essence back to fingertips with a flick of the wrist—a steady hand doesn’t hurt, either—we knew we could count on her when it came to Lim’s Pre-Fall ’14 collection.

“Phillip Lim’s collection is rich and moody and so is the gorgeous capsule of nail polishes for NARS. The jewel-toned lacquers are as deep as you can get, but there are also tiny flecks of gold in some of the colors. This helps make nontraditional colors like green easier to wear, because they catch the light and read as fresh and glossy,” she says.

Below, Taryn take us step-by-step through the playful eye-catching mani meant to show off an array of hues in the 3.1 Phillip Lim for NARS collection. Follow the directions to easily nail the professional look yourself.


3.1 Phillip Lim for NARS Nail Collection


Taryn chose to highlight Look 19 from Phillip Lim’s Pre-Fall ’14 collection. “I was drawn to this look because of the graphic lines and the texture of the brocade. The sponging technique used in the manicure below is a form of creating depth in the nail, just like the fabric in this modern take on a classic suit.”

Phillip Lim Prefall

Step 1
Use Anarchy as the base of the manicure.

Taryn’s tip: Applying two coats of polish ensures that the color is evenly distributed and gives it a nice opaque finish. The stark off-white base is on-trend for fall.


Step 3
Apply a mix of of Crossroads, Hell-Bent, and Gold Viper with a makeup sponge, lightly blotting each color onto the filled-in diagonal surface one-by-one, waiting for each to dry for a minute before moving on to the next.

Taryn’s tip: Pour a dollop of the polish onto a piece of aluminum foil (so it doesn’t get absorbed) and dip the makeup sponge into the small spill.

Step 4
End with a clear top coat for a glossy, chip-defying finish.


While Miss Ladyfinger loves a good runway-inspired manicure, when pressed to confess her favorite color in the collection, she chose Hell-Bent. “The rich brick red color of  Hell-Bent is everywhere for fall. It’s a deep red with bright undertones, making it the perfect transitional color to try now.”


Styled by: Molly O’Donnell, Courtney Everton, and Leila Thurtell.